Welcome to the blog where being socially awkward, spilling coffee at yourself and overall failing at life are accepted as real talents!

Writing Sunflowers began in November 29th, 2013, as a teenage lifestyle blog and an online platform for the then 14-year-old me wanting to express myself (now containing embarrassing insight into by early teen years). Since then Writing Sunflowers has become much more than that.

May 21st, 2016, the blog commenced its new era with the name 'Writing Sunflowers' and is an outlet for spectacular- and everyday adventures, but most of all a space for thoughts to wander and opinions to be expressed.

I am Cindy, an 18-years-old writer interested in literature, traveling, culture, language, art, religion and current affairs. Grew up in a small town, moved away from home at 15, have travelled the world my entire life and professional in – somehow – ending up in awkward situations. I laugh way too loud and talk way too much. Most days my life is a comedy, besides from people not laughing with me, but at me. I try to sound much cooler than I really am, but that's okay, everyone lies on the Internet.

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