Rebecca Black


Today's subject: Rebecca Black.
I know what you're thinking: "It's friday, friday, firday..." But wait a second, before laughing at her.
No one deserves hate. Especially not for doing something they love. Who hasn't done something embarrassing, when they were younger? She has grown and matured, and she deserves respect like anyone else. I just heard one of her newest songs called: "Saturday", and she is definitely not a bad singer at all. It's actually quite good. I'll admit, when "Friday" first came out, I was like: "No. This is not happening," and I sighed every time someone would listen to it, but I have also matured, and I understand that she is a living human-being like all of us. Everyone has been through things, and we have to be nice to other people. Rebecca is a extremely strong girl. Think about it for a second. Most of the World hated her. Laughed at her. She deserves respect.

1. video: Rebecca Black Reacts to "Friday" - 2,5 years later

2. video: Draw my life | Rebecca Black

2. video: Rebecca Black - Saturday


I just wanted to make this post, because I needed it to get out. I think bullying and hate is a very big problem in our teenage culture and our society. We can't walk around hating everyone who aren't like us. We're different. We're society.


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