The Bucketlist of Life!

Photographed in Tivoli, Copenhagen
(C) MazeDays

 So everyone are making New Years resolutions, but telling yourself you have to do something before next year is not really my thing. I believe in making small changes everyday and never regret anything. So I made a list of 35 things, I want to do before I die. A bit selfish, but when you're making a bucketlist, you're supposed to be a little bit selfishLet's hope I don't die tomorrow, 'cause I'll be busy then...

They are in random order.
  • Work in a coffee shop
  • Put soap in a public fountain
    • I'm such a rebel... omg.... no.
  • Donate blood
  • Work for charity
  • Smash pie in someone's face
    • Yes. This is on my bucketlist.
  • Go to Hong Kong
    • I'm not dying before I've done this.
  • Go to Vietnam
  • Go to Taiwan
  • Go to South Africa
  • Go to New Zealand
  • Go to Mexico
  • Go to the United States
  • Go to Ireland
  • Go to Hawaii (I know it's a part of the US, but let's forget that for a moment)
  • Go to Egypt
  • Go to Disneyland during Christmas
    • You'll never be too old for Disney! 
  • Go to Chile
  • Go to Canada
  • Go to Australia
  • Live overseas
  • Live in three countries in under two months
  • Learn Thai fluently
    • I read thai like a 7-year-old and speak like a 2-year-old...
  • Travel first class
    • A long flight on first class, where you're actually allowed to sleep? Who would say no?
  • Timesquare on New Years Eve
  • Watch cherry trees in full bloom
  • Watch a musical on Broadway
  • Go to an Ed Sheeran concert
  • Go to a masquerade ball
  • Go on a roadtrip
  • Go on a Disney cruise
    • Judge me...
  • Go Christmas shopping in New York
    • 1. Get money to go to New York
    • 2. Beg for money, as I've used all my money for a flight to New York
    • 3. THEN! Christmas shopping
  • Go camping with friends
    • 1. Get friends. lol... Forever Alone.. TT TT
  • Attach a lock to a love bridge
  • Kiss in the rain
    • It's probably not going to happen like the movies, but don't ruin my dreams! > <
  • Make people happy


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