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We all perceive things differently, so it is not just a project that will give the readers an insight of difference contra similarity, but also us, as writers/bloggers, where we can learn, grow and develop as bloggers.
Hiluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, my friends! How are you enjoying November so far?

So I am doing this new project called Bloggers Group Hug created by JaseyJade, where a group of bloggers get one word each week and then have to describe this word in maximum 200 words. You can then look at what the other bloggers wrote about the word, and how they would describe it differently, because we are - all of us - different people, who have learned and developed differently. Therefore our writings are also different and influenced by experience, culture, understanding, etc.

It started last week, but I chose to post my American Halloween in a Haunted House instead. This week the post is shorter than usual, but I hope you will enjoy it and find our project at least a little bit interesting. You can read more about Bloggers Group Hug on Jade's blog HERE

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This week's word of Bloggers Group Hug is Years.

I have now lived in California for 78 days. Even though that is not the universal accepted period of time for a year, I have a year worth of memories, experiences and feelings. In just 78 days I have grown and developed more, than I would have in a year back in Denmark. I have also learned about all the really shitty things about people and how complicated it can be to grow up in a world, where you get judge by the way you breath, the way you walk or even by the shape of your eyes. 

A lot of things can happen in a year. A year is just 365 days, and before you know it a year has passed; then another year, and it just continues that way until people start slipping away and memories fades. All the complicated and hard times won’t seem to bother you anymore, because you got stronger, kept going and moved on. All the memories and time worth remembering will be the times you laughed for so long it hurt in your stomach, all the people that made you feeling something special and kept you going. They kept you alive.

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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