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October is already over, which means goodbye to Halloween, candy, movies and horror stories late at night. American Halloween has officially become my favorite holiday of the year. I also volunteered to do the Haunted House, which was one of the best experiences I have had in America so far. 

Happy November everybody!

The end of October came, Halloween came, and October has really been the most unreal and fastest month. 

Most of my friends went trick or treating for Halloween, but for the 30-31 October I volunteered to be a guide at the local Haunted House. It was one of the best experience I have ever had here in America. My job was to guide people through a 30 minutes long maze (both outside and inside) with ghosts, creepy mask people, ghouls, chainsaw men (my favorite!), spiders, fog machines, lights and everything. Even though it was just a local Haunted House it was incredibly made. Are you crazy those people need a whole lot more credit than they got! They had 2 weeks to put up this spectacular 30 minutes long maze, find volunteers, set up lights, music, etc. In every group we had to have front and a rear guide. The first day one of my good friends and I was guides together, but she got sick on Halloween night, so I was guide with some of the others.

Some people keep asking me if I didn't regret going out trick and treating and dressing up, but if I really could change it I don't think I would. My host sister went out trick or treating and she saved me some candy (hallelujah!). Today I have been come crazily obsessed with the orange Halloween Kitkats. I am seriously addicted to them I can't even count how many of them I have eaten; AND they don't have them in Denmark. It is a tragedy.  

If you live in California or maybe have heard about it in the news you might know that California is in the middle of a drought. It hasn't rained in California for 1,5 year, but on Halloween night they predicted 20% chance of rain. I don't usually trust the weather forecast that much, and especially not when they were saying it was going to rain. Rain in California? No way! 

So the day before (October 30th) we had our opening night where there came around 1400 people. We had open from 6 - 9pm, because we were supposed to have our big night on Halloween night from 6pm - 11pm. The first day went great, but guess what happens on Halloween night, what was supposed to be our biggest night...... IT STARTS RAINING and it wasn't just a little bit of rain. It was pouring down, but they show had to go on! We had the biggest line of people waiting to get in, but the monsters and the guides were starting to get wet. The coordinators told us to speed up the pace and make the groups bigger. 

I, a short fifteen year old exchange student from Denmark, had one of the biggest groups with around 35 adults waiting to get scared by monsters in a 30 minutes long maze - and of course no one made sure I had a rear guide. The stage was floated in water, there were big puddles of water, slippery stairs, wet and tired monsters and a guide, who was literally soaked from top to bottom. I had to yell really loud to keep everyone to the group, especially when I didn't have a rear guide to repeat and make sure people stayed to the group.  

I loved being the front guide, because it was really fun to meet all the monsters first and guide a big group of adults through something scary and unexpected. It was also quite funny to hear people scream, when they came across the chainsaw man - That sounded really disturbing, but it was just fun. Don't judge. I had such a great time there, and I would do it again if I got the chance. 

Most Americans are really excited about Halloween. They decorate their houses, buy candy for the children, rent horror movies, make Halloween themed cookies, go to pumpkin patches, carve pumpkins and they even have Halloween parties. I wish we did that more in Denmark! I love this. Next year when I am back in Denmark I am going to decorate my apartment, carve pumpkins and buy Halloween candy and celebrate American Halloween traditions. Well, some people in Denmark do that, but it is defiantly not as widespread. To be honest I think it is a rare thing to experienced any Dane being so enthusiastic about... just anything. Woaw, that is actually kind of sad.

At school a lot (almost everyone) was dressed in their costume. Dinosaurs, Supermen, Teletubbies, you name it! What I was most surprised about was that even the teachers had costumes on in class. My teacher in business economics had a full head to toe gorilla costume with mask and taught us for 100 minutes in that costume. I don't care what anyone is saying about it, that was just awesome. The school was also decorated, and you just got in the real Halloween spirit from the morning. I love this holiday. I think everyone should get the chance to experience a holiday in America.

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I have been feeling really odd lately. My heart has been beating like crazy the last two weeks, and I have just felt really worried, nervous, insecure, nausea, uncomfortable and scared at the same time. My hands sometimes start to shake, and I have been feeling dizzy whole last week. Tuesday night I had this really random dream, which I can't stop thinking about, which included a person I have met 3 times before for the last 3 months. I know the person's name (which I am not supposed to know), and now the person is everywhere both in my head, but also in real life. I am literally going crazy over this dream now. Maybe I just need to drink more water..?

It is like I have had anxiety attacks(*) for the last couple of weeks. I have been thinking about going to a doctor, but I think I am just going to wait, and hope gets better. I sound like a crazy person, and me rambling about my freaky mind is not what I want this blog post to be focused on. I am sorry. I just needed to get it out somehow. Please, don't think I am going insane even though it really sounds like it.

Woaw... In two paragraphs on the internet I have probably exposed more of myself than I have to anybody I have ever known. Thank you, Internet world and lovely readers, for giving me the opportunity to feel crazily sane while trying to share what is happening in my messed up brain.

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My dad texted me this morning saying: "It is November, that means you are going home next month! :D :D :D". That text actually made me quite angry. Not at my dad, but just the fact that I am going home next month. Of course I like my parents, my friends in Denmark and just Denmark in general, but I don't mind being away from any of that. This experience abroad has given me an even bigger desire for travelling. Sometimes I just want to drop out of school and travel. Just go see every aspect of light in the world. School can be tough, but I still think it is too easy. It has always been too easy for me. I want to get challenged. 

What is your favorite thing about Halloween, and what did you do this year? I would love to know in the comments below - especially since I have been rambling so much about what I have been doing. See you next week! 

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

* I know that it has become 'trendy' to have a mental disorder or some kinds of issues, but keep in mind that people are actually struggling with things they can't control. Having anxiety has become a popular phenomenon for everybody feeling unease. I am not trying to get attention by saying I have felt like having anxiety attacks for the last couple of weeks, and yes, I do know how an anxiety attack feels like. Please show respect to people actually struggling with anxiety and don't overuse or make serious disorders trendy. Thank you for understanding.

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