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This week's Bloggers Group Hug word is 'currently', and since I have no idea what I am doing and I feel like a complete mess right now I thought this week's word was perfect.


I know I skipped last week's post and I feel terrible about it. I have so much to tell you, but for today's post I am going to post the Bloggers Group Hug weekly word, which is 'currently'. A perfect word for this week since currently I have been kind of a mess. My plan was to switch between a regular post and then a Bloggers Group Hug post every other week. I hope you enjoy this short max. 200 post! I am sorry for my lack of post quantity lately, but I hope you will understand. Thank you.

If you did not read last week's post about Bloggers Group Hug, you can read it HERE!

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I can't possibly explain everything that is happening in my life currently in max. 200 words, because it is like every day is passing by so quickly and yesterday is just a fading memory, and I am not sure how to handle any of this. I keep pretending that the things around me is not really happening and that my journey is not coming to an end, even though I can count the weeks left on one hand. 

I keep seeing myself in the airport waiting to reunite with my friends and family behind the other side of the doors, then I go back to all of the mixed feelings and impressions from the first day in the bus, when I arrived in the late evening with my blood filled with expectations and my eyes wondering, but then again all I do is laugh loudly with my classmates, drink coffee at our usual cafĂ©, go to the cinema, make my bed and I think that is my way of living in the present despite all of the things in the back of my head. I have finals coming up, I lost my phone (which is unusual of me), Thanksgiving is next week and I have no idea about what to expect.  

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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