John Legend - All of Me

I really love this song! It's beautiful and perfect for dancing (If that's your style or whatever).

I'm really not very amused about how the music video is advertising skinny, tall and beautiful girls as "the ideal woman", and then singing about her curves and perfect imperfection. Because the girl in the video is really really beautiful, like I would love to look like her, but now I look like me, and I'm happy to be myself. I'm very comfortable in my looks, even though I'm not Miss Universe or not even close to be one of the girls in the magazine. I would've loved if the music video had a not very tall, not as skinny, short haired girl, but I know that's not what's selling. See, that's the weird thing about us and the society. We want to have more ordinary people in the magazine, so we can relate to them, but if a girl like that was chosen, a lot of people might not want to buy the magazine, because it's not very appealing, and still we want to look like the beautiful Victoria's Angels. It doesn't make sense, but then again, life doesn't make sense either.

Now, when that's said...  

"All of me loves all of you," True! I love the people who take time to actually read and even comment on my blog. It's so weird and an amazing feeling. My readers makes me smile!

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