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Yesterday was a great day. Started out with a visit to the American Embassy and Copenhagen Zoo and ended the day with frozen yogurt. Ate a lot of unhealthy food, but it was a very good, awkward (as always) and funny day after all.

Hiiiluuu and happy Tuesday!

The day started at 6:45am. Woke up, ate breakfast, got ready and went to Copenhagen. The first thing on the list was my appointment on The American Embassy in Copenhagen. My visa application had to be approved by the embassy before I was able to go to California. I think one of the security guys had a bad day... 

There was a Korean guy in front of me who clearly was very confused, so it took a bit longer. I didn't have a problem with it, but the security guy seemed to be really annoyed by it. He had this serious stone face on, and didn't smile at all. 


I'm not saying that security guys have to be all smiling, happy and laughing - because they're security. I think they're meant to be scary - but maybe a bit more accepting and friendly. He wasn't dangerous or anything, just a bit rude and harsh. That's just my opinion. Anyway my conversation with the security guy went a bit different....

Security guy: "Do you have any pockets?"
Me: "I indeed have,"
Security guy: ...
Me: ...
Security guy: ...
Me: "...but there's nothing in them, because they told me that.."
Security guy: "Do you have a belt on?"
Me: "Ehh... Not right now, but somet..."
Security guy: "You can pass through,"
Me: "Well... Okay, then.......... have a nice day,"

I was like half his size and I was confused like an idiot, so I just put on a big smile, but he had this unbreakable stone face on the whole time - So I didn't know what to answer instead of "okay, then..." I probably shouldn't have ended it like that. I could've said "thank you very much" and leave - even though I'm not sure what I would be thanking him for.

I was defiantly not trying to be cheeky or disrespectful or anything, I promise - Most of my conversations with people I've never met before are like that. Extremely short and awkward. I know I'm not supposed to have a conversation about my life with him and they need to check a lot of people everyday, but a little smile can do wonders. Even for the the tough security guy...

So I got into the actual room, where I had to get my application approved, but I the embassy staff lady didn't speak very loud and there were also noise behind me, so I just stood there: "I had to give you my passport and my what?" Again... I'm in general a very confused person. I'm sorry about that.

Oh - And my visa application got approved by the way! Woohoo! There's less than 45 days until I'm flying to Los Angeles - It's still so ubelieveable I'm going to fly over the Atlantic Ocean.

~ · ~

After my appointment at the American Embassy we went to Copenhagen Zoo. You might've heard about it? It's the zoo who killed the young giraffe, Marius, and then fed it to the lions in front of a kindergarten - and afterwards killed four African lions, so they could get some new lions from another Danish zoo. Yup... That's the zoo I went to.

But before I read comments about: "how can you support something like that?" and "barbarians!" and "what's wrong with you?!" I need to clear out, that I don't support killing animals and I don't think what they did were okay. All I did was going to the zoo - some might say, that's the same thing as supporting the zoo.

Of course I would rather go to safari in Africa to see real lions, who are not imprisoned, and I don't think that capturing animals and expose them like that is something good or something to support, but then again... all I did was going to the zoo. I've been to the same zoo since I was very young, and I like to look at penguins and anteaters.

Everyone knows what they're doing is wrong, but why do people still go to the zoo? We could ask the same question about smoking, drinking and drugs. We all know what it does to our bodies. Yet, we still do it.

I know the whole giraffe story got a lot of media attention, and of course people have the right to know, but I think everybody needs to calm down. The medias defiantly Instead of yelling and calling names online do something about it yourself -

~ · ~

When that's said I want to introduce you to the monkey called Cindy. It's a 27-year-old dutch female monkey yes. I've heard the jokes since 2002. Just so you know, they were funny once. Now they're just sad.

~ · ~

Ben & Jerry's Cone Sweet Cone ice-cream - Yummy! I ate a looooooooot of unhealthy food that day, but shhh - Don't tell anyone! Everything was extremely good, though - Except for the fries....

I love fries, but these were terrible. I don't recommend it, but the photo turned out nicely, so I had to put it up. Food pictures are great. I don't know why, but it's like food is always so damn photogenic.

I don't know why, but I've always loved penguins. They just look so confused by everything. The world, the people, the sky and the existence. Maybe penguins are really deep philosophers. Maybe they know the purpose of life, but they don't have the voice to show us. Maybe they got it all figured out.


It's an oriental small clawed otter (according to Wikipedia, which we all know is a very trustworthy source) and they're really adorable.

I know they spit at people, but beside that... how can you hate llamas? You cannot hate llamas. Just the word "llama". How can you be bad at something called a llama. I think it's their mouth and ears that makes them so likeable. The first picture is of a camel, but the picture under is of two llamas. Just not to be confused.

We ended up going to a small resturant on our way home. I got spareribs and fries (because I'm uh so healthy), and ended the day with a cup of frozen yogurt. Cookie & creme, vanilla latte and cheesecake flavored yogurt with Marabou chocolate, Oreo's, kiwi, strawberries and chocolate sprinkle. Feeling hungry, yet?

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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