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This is the third and last part of my 'Road Trip to Göteborg"-posts! So if you haven't read part 1 or 2 yet - I recommend you to read them first, but hey I can't tell you what to do, so....


Instead of driving the same way home we decided to try something new, so we could see a different side of Sweden. The more 'normal' side of Sweden. All day we had been on the highway or walking around between the tall beautiful buildings of Gothenburg, so it was nice with some fresh air. Sweden really is a diverse country. 

We drove by this sweet yellow house (2. picture above), which I had to take a picture of. I thought it was really pretty with all the trees and flowers. As you can see in the pictures above, it had just stopped raining.

(Picture above) I just love how the plants grows from beneath all the rocks. (Don't mind my awkward shoe in the conner. It's just me who don't know how to take good pictures.)

We drove very close to the coastline, so of course we had to stop at a beach. The sun was about to go down, but the weather was still pretty good. I was looking across the water (very philosophical) and at first I thought it looked like a small island/peninsula-thing not far from the shore, but when I got closer I saw it was made up of stones with a "bridge" from the shore to the island.

The rocks were so beautiful (if rocks can be beautiful?). You could kind of see how the water had shaped the stones and made them flat and smooth. It was like a big playground. I was having my DSLR everywhere, so it was a bit difficult to climb with it.  

The pictures may fool you, but the rocks were actually quite big and some of them were really slippery - And I'm just clumsy in general, so with only one hand I felt like Bambi on thin ice. There weren't really a lot of people, so I just climbed to the top of the rocks, looked across the water, enjoyed the sound of the waves and took a very creepy pictures of my muddy shoe, while trying to be very poetic. You can probably still see the mud on my left shoe as I wrote about in part 2. 

Okay, so I really tried to get the whole shed and the bikes in the picture, but there were this annoyingly tall bush behind me, and the shed would look weird if I cropped off the roof of the shed. I really don't know why I felt the need to take a picture of this, but maybe I'm just in love with yellow Swedish houses. Actually it is not a shed. It's a toilet... A fancy toilet. I'm in love with a yellow Swedish toilet. 

Afterwards we drove to the ferry, got on board and just drove home. Next time I'm going to Gothenburg I might want to stay for at least one night, because most of the time passed with transportations. Next time I want to explore more of Gothenburg, because I really think it is a beautiful city and I want to see more (+ shopping...).

On the picture above you can see how close Denmark and Sweden are to each other. It is kind of crazy, isn't it? In geography in third grade I learned about Scandinavia, and the teachers made it seem like Sweden was a whole different world and every time I hear about Sweden in the news I always think: "that's far away", but actually it isn't. Malmö is just on the other side of the bridge. That's pretty awesome, I think - Besides the whole different currency thing. That's pretty annoying and also Swedish doesn't make sense. 'Yes' in Danish and Swedish is spelled exactly the same, but pronounced differently. Like, what?

I'll just stop now, because I'm beginning to ramble! I hope you enjoyed my little blog series of Gothenburg. Next week I'll be in California! xx

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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