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I AM BACK! After almost 2 days travelling from LAX to Heathrow to Copenhagen to I AM FINALLY BACK! I am not even as excited as I might seem with my caps-lock and exclamation marks. I kind of miss California already. I haven't been blogging for the last 2 weeks, which might be the longest time in a year where I haven't been blogging. Therefore I give you some snippets of my diary entires for the last couple of days, which for me is a bit personal, because no one is actually supposed to read my diary entires, but I feel so comfortable with you reading it and I someone needs to read what has been happening in my really really messed up head - And it is especially messed up today!


I arrived in Denmark last night after 4 amazing months in California. Amazing is underrated, because I have never felt so at home in another country almost 5500 miles aways. It is still so surreal and confusing to be back, but I am so thankful for all of the wonderful people I have met and the stuff I have learned by being away. I have memories for life now and I don't regret a thing. I am going to miss it so much! 

It was my birthday last Friday, but because we flew with/against (I am confused) the time my birthday was a lot shorter. Probably the worst Sweet 16, because everyone was crying, sad or sleeping + the airplane food, but I got the best possible out of it. I have so many things I want to tell you about, and I am finally ready to get back into the blogging game again! So because of my sixteen's birthday and my lack of blogging I wanted to get a bit personal with you... Or a lot, actually. So I took my diary for the last couple of days and wanted you to give you some snippets of some of my thoughts (some more deep than others) and what have happened while I was gone.

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Dec 19. 2014
While I was sitting in the bus looking outside the window and drove pass the palm trees by the Californian coast line I started really thinking. I don't think I have yet realized what I am leaving. I am leaving another life behind. 

It was weird thinking about everything that have happened for the last 4 months is now just memories, which will one day be so vague that the only thing I remember is the sun setting behind the tall mountains, laughter and Santa Barbara's beautiful harbor in the late summer evenings. I don't think I have really realized who I am leaving behind. I am not only leaving amazing people I have met on my journey here in California, but also myself. I will never be the same as the first week in California where I looked upon the majestic mountains and wondered what would happen the next 16 weeks, the person who cheered loudly at her first American football game or the girl who told passionately about her country and our weird fetishes to the Americans. 

With the ocean on one side and majestic mountains on the other side it is weird thinking how this can possibly be over and how I on Sunday will wake up and be home. It is weird calling Denmark my home now, since I have used so much time calling another place for home. I am coming home, or am I really?

Dec 20. 2014
I have no actual idea if it is the 20th, because the time difference is really messing with my head, but let us just say it is Dec 20th. My eyes are red, my skin is dry, and I could really need some coffee/tea/hot chocolate right now. I have slept a bit in really weird airplane positions (people who have had long flights before now how I feel), but it is actually nice to fly with the entire class. It is kind of cozy and just overall nice to talk, laugh and watch movies with friends you have spent 4 months with. It is a nice way of getting ready to the end. 4 months ago we were all still strangers, and now so much have changed. It is a really nice feeling.

Dec 21. 2014
The plane didn't crash.

Dec 22. 2014
Denmark is weird. To be honest I am not as excited as I think I am supposed to be. I am not like home sweet home, I am more like 'well ok, when am I going back?'. I just think I need to get used to it all again. I really need to blog today! Last week all I did was pack, Christmas shopping and enjoy my last two weeks in California. Actually, I don't regret not blogging. I love it and I am really passionate about doing it, but my readers will understand that I need to focus on this right now. I could be all like #sorrynotsorry ahaha, but I don't want any to misunderstand or call my ungrateful just because of my bad sense of humor. 

I woke up at 5:16. I fell asleep last night with my phone in my face and the lights still on. I don't even remember falling asleep or getting ready for bed. Did I even brush my teeth? I think I did... Anyway when I got home we (My parents and I) just had a small and cozy family dinner, where mom had made my favorites! Even though they didn't really compliment each other it was SO good! How I have missed mom's cooking. We got sushi maki rolls, dolmas and small tuna-pesto sandwiches. HOW I HAVE MISSED MY MOM'S COOKING! I can't say that enough. Real food. 

Today I am just going to stay at home all day, watch Christmas movies, blog, listen to music, read, decorate the Christmas tree, lay in the bed and just relax, but tomorrow I am going to meet [my best friend], exchange Christmas presents, probably eat some food and everything! I can't wait!

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That was some snippets of my diary for the last couple of days. I hope you liked and enjoyed reading them, or maybe you were all like 'lol who cares'. Anyway, merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah/happy holidays or good weekend!  

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Merry Christmas! xx

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