Mistook Hyde Park with Buckingham Palace

The Winter Wonderland i Hyde Park, London, the 19. of December 2013.

It was even a coincidence, that we ended up there. We took the underground, got off at Green Park and walked from the station to Hyde Park. They have pink signs at the underground. So don't worry if you're like me - Terrible at navigation. I mistook Hyde Park with Buckingham Palace, that's a stupid thing to do.

I was literally choked at how huge the carnival was. It had roller coasters, tons of different rides, an ice rink, small stalls and an endless heaven of food and candy! There were Christmas choirs and bands. I have never experienced any thing like that in Denmark. The crazy thing was, that it was just a temporary carnival. Think about all the hard work to set everything up... Woaw...

I heard/read somewhere, that they were trying to make it look like a real German Christmas Market, which (If supposed) they ended up doing a really good job with. Applause.

I tried to win one of the Christmas reindeer, but I ended up getting a duck. Not a real one, even though it could be funny to see how my mom would react to that.

I took MANY pictures of my trip to London and The Winter Wonderland, so look forward to it and I hope everyone of you had an amazing Christmas (It haven't snowed here yet, but let's hope it will soon), and I hope you'll have a good and safe New Year's Eve tomorrow!

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