Spring, ice-cream and pastries! Hallelujah!

London - December 2013 [Sorry for the random picture]

It's officially spring! The weather is foggy and sad okay and the birds are screaming singing. I woke up at six on a Saturday because of some stupid bird outside my window.........  Anyway! I figured, that I could use the time well by blogging.

The ice-cream season also starts today, which means two scoops of free ice-cream from 12-4pm, so I'm getting ice-cream today! That makes me pretty excited too.

It's Shrove Tuesday this Sunday! That didn't make sense, but I'm not sure what's called in english. Google told me. Anyway, it's where children dress up and go trick and treating, while beating a barrel with candy inside, like an piƱata, but using a barrel instead. It's like Halloween, without all the scaring stuff.

Wikipedia calls it carnival, but it's not that festive. It's no big celebration, but I guess 99% of Scandinavian kids have been doing it. It used to be my favorite time of the year, after my birthday and Christmas, because I got to eat one of my favorite danish pastries.

Let me explain... It's a pastry (Or a Danish, or whatever you call it...) with custard or jam in and with powdered sugar, icing or whipped cream. I prefer custard and powdered sugar, because it's the best of course....
Google call it a Semla? Which Wikipedia says is a traditional sweet roll made from puff pastry with whipped cream and icing on top. Yes... I'm totally going to ignore being healthy this weekend.  

My mom always bought them for me when I was younger, and I used to eat them almost everyday in February. I ate pastires a lot, when I was younger. I really do believe, that Denmark makes the best pastries in the world. Better than France (Sorry France, but I have to vote for my conutry ^___^)

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Love you all! xx

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