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I got nominated for the Liebster Award by Aimee from Beloved Jaine - Thank you, Aimee! xx
I think I'm way too excited over this award - but hey, that's my thing - but I've never been nominated for anything. I sound like such a loser... Anyway! I'm going to answer the question and nominate 11 bloggers too!


Denmark borders to Germany, so yes I knew the meaning of The Liebster Award, and I guessed since "Ich liebe dich" means I love you in German the Liebster Award must be some kind of loved/beloved award thing..... And also Aimee explained it in her post. Just did my research haha! :)

Don't think of me as a fluent German speaker, that's probably the only German words I know. I chose French instead of German in school haha - Don't judge me! xx Some of the German words are very similar to Danish, so it's a bit easier to guess the meaning of it.

Anyway (I tend to ramble a lot, sorry) The Liebster Award is an award given by a blogger to other bloggers, so it's an internet thing. I'm just going to being, then!

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11 random facts about me

1) I tell everyone I love cake all the time, but I really don't like cake that much.

2) I'm scared of wild rollercoasters and heights, so whenever I have to go to amusement parks with my friends I'm always the one who stays on the ground holding and keeping an eye on their bags. Sometimes it's a bit annoying, but I've gotten used to it and most of the times it ends up being a great trip anyway.

3) I push people away, because I think all I need is a fresh start, when I really just want them to show, that they really care about me.

4) When I was four I watched Monsters Inc., and I was very scared of Randall. It was like a horror movie for me at that time, but I watched it several times just to confirm myself in how terrifying it was. So I kind of loved it, but at the same time was extremely scared of it.

5) I love food from all over the world - Especially Thai, Japanese, Indian and Mexican food. I love spicy food.

6) I listen to K-Pop - Korean pop music, and people used to tease me so much and laugh at me, so I stopped listening to it even though I loved listening to Asian music, but now I know you shouldn't hide your true self or your interests. Don't change for anyone. Life's too short to hide who you are.

7) My first real crush was more like a "skinny love" and he ended up getting into a relationship with my best friend and I was always the third wheel. It hurt a lot, but he turned out to be a jerk, so I'm kind of happy it didn't turn out to be anything.

8) When I was younger I collected Smurfs... Not a big collection, but enough to call it a collection.

9) From first grade until sixth grade I almost never did my homework, but got top grades in most of my subjects anyway. I only did big assignments we had to turn in. Most of the time I did it in the same class we got the homework assigned or just told the teachers that: "I tried the best I could, but there was some things I really didn't understand. I was thinking we could talk about the assignment in class?" I had the biggest puppy eyes, when I was younger and the teachers thought I was cute. In reality I was just pretty sly, but hey I worked hard in class and was clever whenever the teacher was there. Now it's not that easy anymore..... but sometimes it happens.

10) When I was 6-7-ish I went to Thailand with my family, but ended up being hospitalized for four days. It was like a very serious influenza. My temperature was measured to about 41 celcius degrees. The doctors didn't know what was wrong with me. I can't really remember so much about that time. Long time after the doctors told, that it might've been "Break Bone Fever" or "Yellow Fever".

11) On weekends where I don't have anything planned I like to stay on my computer in my PJs being on Tumblr, blogging or chatting with some of my friends all day - and that happens a bit too often. I should defiantly start doing more activities, but it's just so relaxing and I love wasting time in that way.

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And now I'm going to answer the 11 questions from Beloved Jaine:

1) Have you ever faked being ill? Why?
- I've actually faked being ill a lot, because there was some things going on in school, which made me really anxious about going to school,  and I was going through some things with myself, that I had to figure out. It was all very complicated, but I don't fake being ill anymore.

Okay, I faked being ill last Wednesday when I was about to have a three hour geography test, but I'm almost done with the Danish mandatory primary-ish school (Ninth grade), and the teachers are stopped caring, but I promise I won't do it again!

2) Have you ever been in a car accident?
- No. Luckily I haven't. I've never known anyone who has ever been in a car accident, so I'm very lucky. "Be careful in the traffic, kids!" I'm like your mother, but it's just because I care, okay....

3) How would you describe yourself?
- I would describe myself as funny. I think I'm funny. A lot of people say I have really bad sense of humor, but don't listen to them! I just think it's because I'm in general a very awkward person and I happen to get into a lot of awkward situations. Also I'm very clumsy. Clumsy and awkward also ends up with great funny stories.

4) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
- I like the name Grace a lot. I don't know I think it's a very common name, but I think it's sweet though.

5) If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
- My nose and stop biting my nails. I think my nose it too big, but I would never go through with surgery, though.

6) What was the last film you watched?
- Monsters University......... But if you've watched Monsters Inc. yOU HAVE TO WATCH THE SECOND MOVIE TOO! It's a great movie, though. You never get too old for Disney. We all know it, don't try to hide it. We all have a childish Disney side!

7) Are you a morning or a night person?
- I'm a night person, defiantly, but I'm trying to change, because I like being up early. When I wake up at 10 in the morning it's like the day is already over! I don't know, maybe it's just me.

8) Do you have any phobias?
- Okay... This is going to sound so weird, but I have xylophobia, which means I'm afraid of tree. Not like real trees, but things made of raw tree. My desk is made of tree, but it's... what's called? Sanded? The tree my desk is made of is sanded? Anyway it's very fine tree, not like in expensive, just... Do you get it? No? I'm confusing again... Sorry. I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain very badly anyway...

9) What makes you happy?
- The very simple things in life makes me happy, but laughing defiantly makes me happy. Not just that friendly polite laugh, but that big crying-my-eyes-out kind of laughing.

10) What makes you sad?
- I'm really the person who can make myself the most sad. If I problematize the smallest things just before I go to bed and then don't fall asleep....

11) Where do you want to be in ten years time?
- In ten years I'm 25 years old and I actually have a list of places I have to visit before I turn 25, so hopefully I've been to Japan, The United States (2014), Australia (Planning to go there with my school in 11th grade) and South Africa. I would also like to move to another country outside Scandinavia. I love it here, but I need to go somewhere with more diversity - some place where things happen on a bigger scale. Also it would be lovely to have finished a bachelor in film/tv/journalism or what I decide to do.

But I really don't know what to expect of the future. So many things I've never even thought about is about to happen. Who would've know I would be going to a business-oriented high-school, study abroad and have a blog? My life's so amazing right now and I'm just enjoying every second of it and appreciate all I have.

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I nominate...
The rule is that I can only nominate people under 200 followers.

Thea @ Otheality
Amy @ Amy G
Ann- Kathrin @ Annxkathrin
Isobel @ Isobel's Basket
Charlotte @ Charlotte's Web
Charlotte @ Styleaked
Fiona @ Pingle
Savannah @ Mi Vida Bonitaa
Hannah @ H.R.H

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The Rules

Link to blog who nominated you in your post

Write 11 random facts about yourself

Answer these 11 questions:

1) Can you tell everything to your closest friend/friends?

2) What's five things you love about yourself and your life?

3) Have you ever been serious ill?

4) What would you tell your 5-years-old self?

5) Do you collect anything and what?

6) How did you come up with your blog name?

7) What's your favorite book and why?

8) If you had to live another place in the world for the rest of your life (excluding where you live now), where should it be and why?

9) Does your friends or family know you have a blog?

10) What's the story about your first love?

11) What's the funniest or most embarrassing thing that has ever happen to you?

Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers + give them 11 questions to answer - You can't nominate the blog, who nominated you.

Let the nominees know, that you have nominated them (Unless you don't want them to know they're nominated.... but then there would be no point in this...)

Show The Liebster Award badge on your blog

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When I began doing this I had no idea how big a work this was writing it, so I hope you enjoyed!

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Love you all! xx

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