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It's already three weeks since I went to Prague, and I wanted to share my trip with you, but I didn't really know how I should tell you guys. So today I just sat down, began writing and yeah... here you go!

Day 1

We drove to The Czech Republic - most people fly (Not literally just flying, but by a plane... I'm probably the only one who misunderstood that....), but road trips are just much more fun - Especially when you have a great playlist and snacks.

We took off at six in the morning, drove across Denmark through Hamburg and got some lunch on a parking lot. We brought food from home. Couscous salad, greek-ish salad and chicken wings.

It was really nice to drive through Germany. It's just so big, beautiful and I had completely forgot about the German landscape. Last time I was in Germany was last September with my school. It rained most of the time and I had to socialize and be friendly all the freaking time.....It was a bit stressful and I didn't enjoy the trip as much as I would've wanted to.

Anyway - we also drove through this big windmill park and there were windmills everywhere. Left. Right. Everywhere. I thought Denmark was good at exploiting wind energy and stuff... I guess not that much...

We went through Hannover, Leipzig, Dresden and then we entered The Czech Republic.

But it wasn't that easy to get to our hotel 30 minutes from Prague. We got kind of lost... Really lost. We were supposed to be there at 5 in the evening. We arrived at 8. What I learned from the first day. Do not trust the GPS.  

It was too dark and too late drive to Prague, when we had arrived to the hotel. We didn't know how to get there either. So we just began unpacking and then I went to bed.

The hotel room was quite big actually. There was a lot of space to move around and the bathroom was decent. I was defiantly impressed. 

 Day 2

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast and drove into Prague. It took us about two hours to find a parking lot and then it began raining a lot, but it was the first day in Prague, so we couldn't just stay in the car all day. We bought an umbrella and some hot potatoes - which is like chips on a stick (It was great!) - Picture below.

From my Instagram @MazeDays

Then we saw this sign for a toy museum, and it was still raining like crazy, so we just had to get inside somehow. It wasn't expensive, so we walked around for about 45 minutes looking at old robots, teddies, barbies, dolls, action figures and so on. I got all nostalgic....

After our trip to the museum we went out getting late lunch, and we actually didn't even eat dinner, so after a couple of hours we drove back to the hotel.

On our way home we stopped at Kaufland, which is a big supermarket like Tesco. They had a big box of strawberries, so we bought that and then.... I went through the candy department. My head said no, but my heart said: "you need it......" I tried to listen to my brain, but.... that did not end well.....

Usually I drink green tea, trying to stay healthy and all that stuff (I'm still working and that), but I saw that Pickwick had two flavors of tea I had never seen before in Denmark. Hot Raspberry with ice-cream flavoring and Sweet Apple. They taste soooooo good! I'm getting addicted to the Hot Raspberry -  I drink about five cups of tea a day and it was great to try something different. I need to buy more Hot Raspberry tea next time! I also saw a "caramelized pear" flavor - I was just standing there looking stupid and obsessed at the tea selection with my hands filled with different kind of tea.

There will be more posts about my Prague trip soon! xx

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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