Food Adventure: The Fancy Copenhagen Food Market

 I went to the popular fancy food market in Copenhagen (Torvehallerne - Link down below)
The food market in Copnehagen is divided into two halls, where famous danish restaurants have small stalls. I believe the concept was to gather a lot of quality restaurants, where people can get to taste a bit of different kinds of food. It's like all the good food in one place! You can get everything from pizza to sushi to soup to cheese to tapas to traditional danish food AND CHOCOLATEURRGHUUM. If you love food, there's no doubt you'll love this place too.

I got salted cashews and almonds from Gorm's and a bun made with rye, oats and cranberries from Granny's House. It tasted SO good! Of course this is my favourite place to eat, but I'll admit, not everything is cheap there, but definitely worth it. It's good, expensive and it's quality. I don't mind paying for quality.

Where to find?
Frederiksborggade 21
1360 KĂžbenhavn K

It's hall no. 2
Gorm's: H1 and G1
Granny's House: D10

Website (Only in Danish): www.torvehallernekbh.dk

- C:ndy

PS. The reason why I didn't eat pizza is not because I'm on some kind of fancy diet. I really dislike pizza, and I know a lot of people literally love pizza. Everytime I meet new people and I tell them I don't like pizza, they're like: .........Run......... It's an alien..... (But hey, I'm only 10% alien). I wish I liked pizza though, because it's weird being the odd man out, when people are buying pizza, but I like the pizza crust! ^___^

FYI: Not sponsered.

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