Food Adventure: Simply Chocolate - Sticks

Last weekend I went to Tivoli to see the Christmas decorations (There will be a post later with pictures), and it was freezing. So we accidently wanted to got inside this café to get something warm to drink, but when I saw the big Simply Chocolate sign, and that they sold chocolate covered strawberry sticks. I died.You can choose between marshmallow, banana, nougat, liquorice, strawberries and more. I chose strawberries and banana. Then you choose what type of chocolate. White-, dark- (60%) or milkchocolate. Personally I don't really like milk chocolate, so I had to go with dark. Lastly you choose want you want on top. You can choose between coconut, multicoloured sprinkles or nuts. A bit expensive in my opinion, but still worth the money, if you don't go there too often.
- C:ndy

FYI: This is not a sponsered post, even though Simply Chocolate is welcome to send me all the chocolate they want. I wouldn't complain ^___^

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