London Adventures: Hard Rock Cafe (Unforgettable!)

The Legendary Burger - Yummy!
What I got - Fries, coleslaw and fried shrimps (It was SO amazing!)
They have Heinz! lol...

December 20. - 2013 - The Birthday Dinner Recovery!

Eyooooo! As you might know, or if you follow me on twitter (@MazeDays), my birthday dinner the day before was kind of a disaster, but we made it up by eating lunch on The Hard Rock Cafe in London. 

I'd never been on a Hard Rock Cafe before, so I was just like meh, but when I got inside the atmosphere was just like: woaw.... The music, decorations and everything was just so amazing. The waiters were also very nice.

I got a Berrilicious smoothie and grilled/fried shrimp skewers with fries, coleslaw and sauce.

It's defiantly one of the best places to eat in London, and I'm sure coming back! If you're going to London, this is a must! It's a bit pricey, but it's also a great experience.

I ate so much fried food those days, but it was worth it - It was an amazing trip to London!
When I got home from London, I also had to try the Hard Rock Cafe in Copenhagen - I tried their Smokehouse Chop Salad, which is defiantly the best salad I have ever tasted!

Good advice:
Don't order smoothie and food, you'll be sooo full afterwards! Trust me! 

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