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The view of London
So I just finished my plan for further education, and now my school counselor is going to transmit it to the upper secondary schools, that I'm going to apply to in February.  

I'm going to apply for The Higher Commercial Upper Secondary School (HHX) in Copenhagen (My love!) on one of Denmark's Top Elite Schools (Just bragging a bit). It's three years of education before applying to higher education. Equivalent to 10-12th grade/Sophomore - Senior/Sixth Form College-ish.

I can't wait to be in the city five days a week and be close to real people (I seriously believe people are turned into zombies out here) and being so close the city atmosphere. I'm going to get a job to finance my study tours, work placements abroad and apply for all the scholarships I can...
- and then we're rolling! I would love to get an internship in London, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, France, Canada or somewhere in South America, that could be pretty awesome.

This is really going to be the three most important years in my teen years, and I want to remember it. Even the bad times...

I'm going to choose my specialised study area as marketing (A-level), international economics (A) and cultural studies (C).
The specific study area is a special for people, who are interested in culture, travelling and economics. So I thought, why not?

I'm also going to have English (A), French (Advanced level), mathematics (B-level), Danish (A), business economics (B), contemporary history (B), social science (C), commercial law (C) psychology (C) and media studies (C).

All my classes (Besides French and Danish) are going to be in english, which is pretty unusual in Danish schools. I'm going to read English books and of course all of my assignments are going to be in English. Imagine if you had to go learn already complicated subjects in another languages, but I'm ready for a challenge!

I'm really sad, that I'm not going to have media studies and social science on a higher level, visual arts and design, because it's subjects I find really interesting.  

As you can read... I'm pretty excited for graduation!

Wish me luck!

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