I'm not doing anything. Nothing at all.

This day didn't go as well, as I had planned it to.......

So this morning, where I was supposed to go to a random coffee shop and write my essay, I ended up staying home, taking a long shower, making a strawberry-banana smoothie and watching the newest episode of Pretty Little Liars. I moved my plans for today to tomorrow, when I need to get to practice anywhere. Also it began raining, and rain is just so much prettier from the inside... dry... with food.

A woke up at about eight thirty, and I've been sitting by my computer until now. It's 2 pm now, and I just don't want to leave my seat. My classmates are probably out having a nice time, being really productive, and I'm like: meh... ain't nobody got time for that...

By the way I need to tell you, that I'm probably the best in the entire world to make oatmeal! Probably not, but I feel like I am. I'm just so proud I can make something without it burning.
Okay..... I still can't make a good hard boiled egg, but I'm practicing. Don't judge me!

Love you all! xx

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