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Eat cake like the royal, wander around the beautiful garden, immerse yourself in the past, take a walk in the Winter Garden, try not to get yourself killed in traffic and have a great time at the Zoo. There are many things to do in Copenhagen and here are my suggestions for 95 hours in the city.

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So I am starting this new series called 'My 95 hours in ...'. It will be a list of things I want to see or do – or have seen or done – in 95 hours in a certain country or city. The goal is to get to know more about the countries/cities and get to know some of the opportunities there are when traveling. If you have any suggestions or maybe you have been there and want to share your experiences, you can leave it as a comment below.

I thought it was a great way to start this series with the city I currently live in, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

1. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
My favourite museum in Denmark! Only 10 minutes away from Copenhagen central station lies the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, a museum that hosts ancient- and modern art from around the world. If the museum in itself is not beautiful enough in itself, I personally love the sculptures the most. In the centre of the museum is the Winter Garden, it is alway the first thing I go to. On the picture above you see the Winter Garden at the museum. Entrance is free for everyone under the age of 18 and free for everyone every Tuesday. FREE I told you, so now you know what to do if you're in Copenhagen on a Tuesday. They also offer English guided tours every day from mid-June to mid-September from 12am to 1pm. In the centre of the museum there is also a café to enjoy the beautiful Winter Garden – the food, though, being rather pricey.

Website: www.glyptoteket.com

2. Bike Around Copenhagen
To be honest I find this a bit terrifying myself, but Copenhagen has bike lanes throughout most of the city. Some of the lanes being wider than where the cars are driving. There are many places where you can rent bikes for a certain amount of hours or for a whole day. For example Copenhagen City Bikes are placed around the town, where you can rent them and return them whenever you like. The traffic being a bit tense in the mornings and afternoons I would recommend to go to Jægersborg Dyrehave (The Animal Garden), which is 22 minutes away with public transport and an hour by bike. It is a 1000 acre forest/park with wild deers walking around, most beautiful in the spring early morning hours. 

Copenhagen City Bikes: www.bycyklen.dk/en
Jægersborg Dyrehave: www.eng.naturstyrelsen.dk/experience-nature/in-the-countryside/jaegersborg-dyrehave/activities

3. Eat Danish Birthday Cake Like The Royals
After a long and tiring day of biking around Copenhagen and trying not to get yourself killed I think you would deserve to eat the best piece of cake in town. At La Glace Conditori, which is the oldest, most likely the best and probably the most expensive bakery in Copenhagen, you are able to get a piece of traditional Danish birthday cake. I went there for a friend's 18th birthday, where I got their apple cake. Order a piece of layer cake with hot chocolate and your life will be complete. Trust me on this one.

You are not able to book a table anymore and sometimes there is quite the que outside, so don't go there if you're too hungry or you might just end up getting angry – or is it just me, who acts like the Devil when I am hungry?  

Website: www.laglace.dk/en

4. Copenhagen Zoo
I feel like no matter where you are, there is always a Zoo to go to, and it is both relaxing and exciting at the same time. The Children's Zoo lets children (and adults) go and pet the goats. In 2015 they opened their new Tasmania, which is an area that let you get close to the Tasmanian devil and you actually go inside the kangaroos' cage (which I am always pretty excited about). I was in the Zoo last Tuesday with a friend of mine, where we walked around for a couple of hours, ate some churros and saw the animals. I think it is worth a visit, if you are in Copenhagen for 100 hours.

Website: www.zoo.dk/?profile=English

5. The King's Garden
It is not like London's Hyde Park or anything, but Copenhagen has some beautiful parks as well. King's Garden being my favourite. Situated in the centre of Copenhagen, many people go there to meet up with friends in the summer after work or school or have picnics in the weekends. There is a clear view directly to Rosenborg Castle, which currently holds the crown jewels. 


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Have you ever visited any of these places or could any of these be interesting for you to visit and why? I would love to know in the comments below! I had so much fun writing this, as it was like I was tour guide of my own city.

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