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This week's word of Bloggers Group Hug is Christmas. After spending months in America I got to ask a lot of questions, and of course I asked about Christmas too, where I discovered very different ways to celebrate Christmas ex. who in the entire world would eat lasagna or sausages for Christmas?

Ho-ho-luuuuu, my wonderful readers!

So this week's word of Bloggers Group Hug (The project I am currently doing - You can read more about it HERE) is 'Christmas'. When I did The Christmas Tag some weeks ago I realized that people all over the world celebrate Christmas differently. Of course I knew people celebrated Christmas differently, but it was the first time where it actually really hit me. 

~ Christmas ~

I know Christmas is supposed to be a time where you honor the birth of Jesus, but to me Christmas mean so much more. When I was younger I remember being excited for weeks. It was something magical that only happened once a year, but it doesn’t feel magical to me anymore.

I love Christmas and all the traditions following, but it will never be the same as when I was 8, woke up December 24th and ran around preparing for the guests to come. The feeling of the Christmas presents under the decorated tree and the small of duck and caramelized potatoes that my mom had prepared for the last week. 

Christmas still means a lot to me, but what means the most to me is sitting down at the table with my family around, enjoying a nice meal and talking about anything and everything. It is a time where we live in the present, enjoy each other’s company and show our appreciation for our loved ones.

So maybe that is my magic. Maybe my magic just changed its shape and became unrecognizable to me? Now when I think about it my Christmas might still be magical to me, but just not in the way it once was and that is okay.

~ · ~

That was it for this week's Bloggers Group Hug word, Christmas. I crossed the limited number of maximum words of 200 with 13 words extra. I hope I am forgiven since it is Christmas! Haha! So have an amazing and wonderful Christmas no matter who you are, where you are, or how you celebrate Christmas or not. Merry Christmas, happy hanukkah and have a lovely Wednesday! Thank you so much for your support, you have no idea how much it means to me! xx 

Let me know how you are going to celebrate your Christmas or what plans you have today in the comments beloooooooow.

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Random update: Currently I still have jetlag. I arrived in Denmark 4 days ago. Two days ago I slept 4 hours in total and yesterday I slept for 12 hours and was tired again 4 hours after, so I am still getting used to the time difference, even though my entire Christmas vacation is already booked up. Haha! "It's all good," as people used to say to me all the time in the states. Also currently working on a small video of my 4 months in Cali, but it will probably take some months still before it is up. You will be the first to know. xx

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