This is what's wrong with the world and why I don't understand the royals.

I just read this article by Mirror, about a dying dad who writes a letter to his daughter, who is suffering from cancer. I was crying like a little baby after I had read it. We really need to appreciate life's small wonders much more.

You can help Kelli HERE. I hope the best of luck to the family.

You can read the article yourself HERE.

We need to appreciate waking up in the morning, and being alive and healthy. We need to appreciate every hug from our parents, and every meal. We're some busy making plans for the future, that we forget living in the present. We're so busy feeling so damn sorry for ourselves, that we forget, that people have it a lot worse, and we don't do anything about it at all.

Now, I'm not going to come and play all sacred. When I went down with depression all I did was feeling bad for myself. It's okay to be sad sometimes, but you need to stand up. Stay strong and keep fighting. I'm going to sound like my mother but, remember, people have it a lot worse, than you'll ever have it.

People are dying around the world every day from hunger and war, and we're just sitting at home watching tv, and say: "Oh, it's terrible, but well I can't do anything about it." Is that how we want to be remembered?

If people from another planet looked at us, and saw how selfish we all are, what would they think? This is more than just "terrible". People are going through hell. Children, elders, women, men, animals.

Sorry... I just get really upset, when I hear about injustice. It's not fair. Just think about the royals, who live in big palaces, throw big parties, wearing designer clothes and travel around the world. Now, I'm not going to criticize the whole royal family, but just look at how many money we use on the royal family every year.

They have their own problems to deal with too, but they don't need a freaking palace in France too. What's wrong with a five bedroom house (Which is a big house already!)  with a garden and a hamster? If they're scared about security, they could get a fence or something. I just think it's so ridiculous. It's not only the royals, it's most of the world's population. Including myself, of course. We would rather book a flight to India, than send money down to help the children, who are suffering. They're royals, so of course they have some perks, but I just don't think it's fair, that people are dying, while the queen is pouring up another glass of champagne.

Okay, maybe that wasn't completely fair to say...

The royals has also been very kind to help charity, and they have done remarkable things to make peace. It's just what ever we do, it seems like it's never enough. People won't stop dying from hunger, and the world will never be completely peaceful. It's a part of our nature, and it's sad.

When did the human race get so shallow? It this a part of our nature too? I don't think it is, because sometimes you hear about people, who travel to Africa to help build a school, donate to charity, fundraisers, our troops and Médecins Sans Frontières. We shouldn't forget the people, who actually help. People who're actually trying to do something for a better world and a better future.

What I'm trying to say is, it's sad how the world has become, but I truly believe the human race can be saved, but I think we need some kind of revolution. We need to do something. What if your children were starving, wouldn't you do anything to get them food? What if your brothers and sisters were in war? Wouldn't you do anything to stop it? Please, don't answer 'no', because I'll judge you.

I know I'm exaggerating, but it's easier to understand. Comment, if something is poorly formulated, or you want to discuss something with me. I'll love to answer.

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!

Love you all! xx

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