La Petite France - Arguing with myself

Just a small update on my casual day with my weird argument about croissants.

I had a big argument with myself this morning. Should I drag myself down to the bakery to buy a croissant or not? A big question for my head at 7:30 in the morning, where I just wanted to go back to bed and sleep the whole day away.

It's not healthy, I told myself. It's good for the sold, I told myself again. After about five minutes, when I realized this was ridiculous, I went down to the bakery and got a croissant and made a cup of coffee and some scrambled eggs, and I silently enjoyed my morning. I don't think scrambled eggs are very french, but... Well... That was the beginning of this morning.

Later that day I went to practice, and got to Joe & The Juice and got a Spicy Tuna sandwich (Also remember to check out my other post about Joe&TheJuice - HERE!). The music was loud, and therefore the employees had to yell out the names, when their order was ready. But they yelled extremely loud. I'm pretty sure, you could here them outside the store. Woaw...

I'm going to the city tomorrow to make homework. I think I'm going to be all hipster-ish and drop in at some random coffee shop with my computer and sit there for an hour or so...
I need to write this essay about roles and how people play different role in different situations. I like writing essays. It's kind of relaxing in some weird way.

Since I got home (At about 3 pm or something) I've been working on some codes for the blog, so my blog could look even better - But that ended as a failure.... Bear with me - Coding has never liked me....

I didn't take my camera with me today, but follow me on Instagram or Twitter (Link down below) to follow my days and my thoughts in even fewer characters. 

Remember to comment on how your day went today! I would love to hear about it!  

Love you all! xx

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