Being Sick Socks!

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Being sick socks, get it? Socks? Because of fuzzy socks are the best thing, when you're sick? No? Okay.

Anyway! Hey guys! I'm currently sick, and I felt the mood to make a being-sick post, and because of the extremely bad humor I have, I had to call it "Being Sick Socks"... I thought it was good, idk...

The things I love to do the most when I'm sick is to catch up on some TV-series on Netflix or watch some old movies. My favorite shows at the moment is Pretty Little Liars, Hart of Dixie and of course The Vampire Diaires.

I love reading magazines or books, while drinking tea, when I'm sick too. You can almost feel like your whole body is relaxing and it's like the tea is cleaning your entire body. My favorite magazine is Elle, and on the picture you see the Danish Elle Magazine. I think there are some really good articles in it, and I was actually quite surprised (I know I use the word "surprised" a lot, but I have no idea how to describe it otherwise). In Elle it's not only fashion, but also stories about a lot of amazing and inspiring people. I'm not sure if it's the same in Elle across the world.

The purple blanket is actually a fuzzy blanket made with the same kind of fabric like fuzzy socks. It's probably the softest, coziest and warmest blanket I own. I would love to take it with me to school, even though I would probably fall asleep...

The Monsters University pajama pants are from the Disney Store in London. They're by far my favorite pants and I would wear them in school, if it wasn't so cold everywhere. When I get home Friday afternoon, I jump in pajama pants and don't take them off until Monday morning. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but they're so comfy! It feels like you don't have any pants on, and not wearing pants is like paradise, isn't it?

One thing I learned from being in the hospital when I was younger was, that apple juice is actually extremely good for your body, when you're sick. It's something about the salinity(?) in apple juice or something....... I'm not even going to try to say something smart, because I really can't remember. 

My favorite snacks while being sick is chocolate, fruits or Christmas candy. I can eat Christmas candy every time of the year. Your mood just gets better, when you're eating a chocolate formed as a reindeer instead of a sad rectangle chocolate bar. 
Fruit! I've always been one of those kids who love all types of fruits and vegetables. Spinach, broccoli, dragon fruit, papaya, mango and so on, so every time I see fruit in the fridge I always get excited. I get easily excited... Actually, when I think about it, I just get easily happy in general. I'm going to see that as a good thing. Back to the subject! Berries are the best snack, when you're sick, because it's fresh, healthy and doesn't fill you up. I usually don't eat that much, when I'm sick. One time I was so sick, that I got home from school at 11'o'clock, fell asleep in the living room, woke up at 5pm, ate a hotdog and fell a sleep again. Maybe not the most healthy way, but when you're sick, you just want to sleep, eat and poop all day.

And for God sake REMEMBER to get some rest and drink lots of water. I'm worse than your mother - Drink you damn water and sleep! It's the most important thing to do, when you're sick. When I'm sick, I don't like listening to music that much or watching too much television. I like to rest my ears and eyes. The first day might be a bit cozy and nice, but being sick the whole week socks... (I did it again! Did you see it? Socks/sucks? Get it? I God... I seriously need to stop......)

By the way my mug is also from the Disney Store in London.

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Love you all! xx

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