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I thought you kind of deserved a new post, because I've been off lately, and I don't count the quotes as posts, it's just a reminder that I'm not dead I'm just thinking for new ideas for the blog. I have gotten some great topics! My goals is to publish at least 15 posts, and I think I've been quite productive this month, but I can't promise I will always post this frequently. Blogging is something I love, but I also need time to focus on my school, exams and graduate with good grades.

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If you know me, you know, that I'm really into dance - Especially jazz, hip hop and contemporary. I can sit for hours and just watch dance choreographies and be like: "How did they do that?" So I collected my favorite choreographies in one post. It might not interest all of you, but dance can be really special, tough and beautiful at the same time. I would like you to check out at least one of the videos. I hope you'll enjoy! 

The video above is a choreography by Lyle Beniga, and I've been wanting to learn this ever since I started dancing. I think this one is really amazing.

My favorite videos are all (except one - Lyle Beniga) from the same YouTube channel: Dance Centre MyWay. You should really go check them out and subscribe. They're amazing!

I've been dancing since I was 10, which is five years now, and I'm also attending this dance camp this summer. I can't wait!

You can check Dance Centre MyWay out also on their website HERE, it's all in Ukrainian and the "english"-button doesn't work, but if you happen to know the languages, well... Congrats!

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