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I've been missing England so much lately, especially London. It feels like a third home, and I can't stop thinking about it. I want to go back so bad, and I decided to get out with my desire to go to London with writing a blog post about it instead - Even though it's not the same at all!

That I miss about Lodnon

I miss the people. The British people are so friendly, at least the people I've met. 've also met some extremely arrogant and rude British people, but it's by far how the British people really are. Let's face it, there will always be rude, annoying, arrogant, grumpy people in every country. Most of the people are really nice even though I wander confused and lost around. When I'm in London I just look up all the time and I don't even watch where I'm going, and then I find myself in Regents Park, when I was supposed to visit the Tower of London (If you've been, live or know London a bit, you know, that's not close to each other at all).

London also has this amazing atmosphere. It's so unique compared to the rest of Europe. It's like Paris, Berlin and Italy has it's completely own atmosphere, which can't really be confused with other countries. [Okay, sometimes Germany, Sweden and Norway reminds me a lot about Denmark - But I think that's more natural, since Denmark is so dependent on other countries.]
There's also a lot of stores in England, which isn't in Denmark (Not all of the stores are originally from England)  - Like, they really need to open LUSH Cosmetics in Denmark. I tried it for the first time last time I was in London and I just want more~ What about TopShop? Why is there so few TopShop stores in Denmark, like, why? Just why? In London they have a three floored TopShop with boba, froyo and cupcakes. That's not fair - I'm going to sit in and corner and cry now, K?

- Click HERE to read more about the gigantic enormous boba-froyo-cupcake TopShop in London.

I miss Portobello Road. If you've read my previously posts about all of my London adventuse, you know that my favorite place in London is Portobello Road - Read more HERE - and I miss everything about Portobello. It's like you're not even in London for awhile, but like you stepped into some kind of British movie. Oh, and I also miss the food. Don't judge my food obsession, I'm a teenager I eat a lot.

- Click HERE to read more about my adventures in London.

My favorite place to be, when I'm in England is not London, even though I love London so much, but I love Brighton a little bit more. A big, but still cozy city in East Sussex with a great atmosphere, and there's not as many tourists as in London.

- Click HERE to learn more about Brighton.

Also visiting London in the month of December where there's Christmas decoration, Christmas food, hot chocolate from Costa and WinterWonderland. It's something special and I can truly recommend that.

What I don't like about London

Disclaimer: Okay, this post is not going to be all biased, flowers and love everywhere. I also want to discuss some bad things about London or England in general. Of course I can't talk about entire England. I can only talk about what kind of impression I, as a fifteen year old girl, has been given when traveling to England. I've been to England five times in my life, mostly London and East Sussex.

The first thing might only be in London, but how do you even cross the street? I can cross the street in Thailand, where the traffic is... Well... Chaotic is an understatement - But when it's red for the pedestrians it's also red for the cars. Even when you're trying to be a good citizen/tourist and wait for the traffic light to turn green it takes forever! It really doesn't make any sense, that even the police are like whatever. Don't get the wrong impression of me. I have no problem with people crossing the street, when it's red, I'm not the best role model when it comes to that. Maybe I'm trying to get something that doesn't make sense to make sense - I don't even know.

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Have you been to England before? Comment down below what you think about the British culture or have you experience anything of the things I have? I would love to read and reply to your comments!

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