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And then I won the World Championship in Half Marathon in Copenhagen last Saturday......

Or... Not. I'm not a running-type of person, I'm more like a jumping-and-dancing-excited-everwhere-while-laughing-like-I-am-crazy-type of person. I like exercising, but I can't really see the purpose of running from A to B. Don't judge me - It's just not my thing idk... A lot of people can't see the purpose of dancing either. I jog sometimes too, and yes I like it and get happy about it afterwards, but I can't plan whenever I'm going to run - like some people run every 2. day. I can't do that, but applause for people who can.

Anyway - Copenhagen hosted the The World Championship in Half Marathon last Saturday where 30.000 people were going to run. 30.000! That's a lot people running in Copenhagen. 200 out of the 30.000 people were elite runners, and were actually trying to win medals. The rest were just running for fun. My uncle were running too. He ended as number 10.000-something-ish. I think that's great out of 30.000 people.

Most of the roads in central Copenhagen were closed from 11:30 and were first going to open again at about 16:30. So we were kind of trapped with the car in the middle of Copenhagen, and it was also extreamly difficult to get around without car. The route was really stupid planned, so I saw a lot of people who were thinking and preparing how to cross the road without standing in the way of the runners. While I was thinking about a way to cross, I saw a man who accidentally ran into a woman, and she got so mad and began yelling, and I was like: "Okay, I'll wait a couple of minutes then..." So I waitied until I saw a hole between the runners and I was like "3... 2... 1... RUN FOR GOD SAKE! GO GO GO!" And people in wheelchairs, kids and slow elders were following. It was so fun, and the runners got so annoyed, because they were so tired and we were like trolling them - but hey, we need to be able to get around too! Whoever planned the route, should've thought of us too!

After everything it was actually a really good day, but I used a lot of time waiting to cross the road. Denmark don't usually host big events, so it was a very special day. It's the biggest sport event in Denmark's history I thought I head someone say that in the news.

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Love you all! xx

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