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The view from the hotel in Prague

Happy 1. of May! I'm not sure other countries celebrate this day, but still it's the last month before summer, so happy whatever! Happy Thursday, then! Happy my first post in May. It's so foggy outside it doesn't seem like May.


It's Thursday morning, school starts soon and I'm literally still in bed drinking tea.

It's International Workers' Day! There's flag everywhere, but it's cold, foggy and raining a bit outside, so not the best weather. Most schools are getting the entire day off or are allowed to go home at lunch time. My school is like 'you'll get so much smarter, you stay'. My school is probably one of the only schools who doesn't get off early.

I woke up at 3am and haven't slept since, so my dad allowed me to stay home from school. I usually get really annoying to be around, when I haven't slept much. It's just I have so much absence and my written exams starts next week. I really don't want to miss anything important. So I'm in school until lunch and I'll go home and study some geography, because I'm still nervous about that. Everyone says 'the geography test isn't so important' or 'the geography test isn't not that hard', but I would just be so disappointed in myself if I don't do the best I can. It's a multiple choice test, so that's at least a plus!

So at 5am I got so annoyed, so I got up, turned on my computer and began study some chemistry and I'm going to be totally screwed in two weeks. I really have no idea what I'm doing and I'm going to do an experiment while explaining what's happening. I have no idea what's happening! What if I'm just going to stand there like...

Teacher: "Now; Cindy. Tell us what you're going to show us today,"
Me: "Uhm... This is an radioactive... uhm... something... and then you do this and this and this.... and that's uhm... it. Bye!"   

There's a big possibility that it could end that way.

Also I just got my grades for every subject the entire school year. I'm going to get them at graduation last in June, when all of my exams are finished. Saying 'all of my exams are finished' out loud is a really good feeling. My whole life has been built up to this exact moment, it's soon over and I know I write about it a lot, but it's so crazy to think about.

Anyway I don't know how I do it, but whenever my teacher is in the room I tend to get EVERY CHICKEN QUESTION WRONG.

Teacher: "What's that?"
*Points to a black jack*
Me: "That's the ground connection"
Teacher: "........... Ehh no. It's the.... (and I forgot already)"

That literally happened, and when he asked me about the radioactive decay I KNEW the right answer, but I answered wrongly anyway! What's wrong with me? I deserve a facepalm. But the good part is I'm never going to have chemistry and geography ever again! I'll probably never really learn or remember about how the soil is structured, how stones can tell about world history or about how the ice was under the ice-age and I've already forgot what I've learned the last three years in chemistry, but it's actually okay with me, that I don't know things like that, because the world would be a boring place if you knew everything.

I really need to get ready for school or I'll be late again! K, byeee!

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Love you all! xx

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