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THIS IS NOT A JOKE, I PROMISE! I know I've been trolling you guys a lot, but this is not a joke. I'm sorry! I'll never troll you again! [...]
Eyooo, guys!

This is just going to be a short post with a big lifechanging announcement!

I'm really excited to announce that I'm moving to California in four months.

I just got my acceptance letter today from my future school - which I wrote about HERE. When I read, that I was accepted to go to California I just began screaming and jumping around like a puppy. I kept re-reading my acceptance letter, because I was afraid I had read it wrong.

I got accepted at my school! Second of all... I got specific chosen to go to California for the first semester of my high-school sophomore year in international economics, marketing and cultural studies. That means I'm in top 30 in my studyfield. Say whaaaaaaat? I'M GOING TO AMERICA, GUYS! KYAAAAAA! I've never been across the North Atlantic Ocean, and now I'm going to live there for half a year. Like... Woaw...

The plan is, that I'm going to live with a host family or share a dormitory and have like a "house-mom". I have tried living with a host family with a person from Denmark, when I went on summer school in South England. It was really nice to have someone to talk to at night, when you where a bit scared of all the new things or was a bit homesick, even though there were a lot of fights and disagreements. The benefit with having a host family is that you learn a lot more about the American culture.  I really want to try dormitory though, because I've never tried it before. There will of course be some disagreements no matter what, but I don't know. I kind of hoping I get put in a dormitory.  

I don't even know that much about the trip yet, but I'm going to meet up with my future classmates and the pricipal for the school in California on Thursday.

I've been working hard on school for... well all my school years, but especially this last final year of Danish primary/elematary-ish school. Hardwork DOES pay off - So stay in school kids, or go do something epic and become a millionaire! ... I dunno, be happy and stay off drugs.

I'm defiantly going to blog while I'm there, so don't worry. This is so amazing and unbelievable. I'm so thankful for all of the support I've gotten on Tumblr and Twitter. You guys are the best! Thanks for the support! I truly love you guys!

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Also one of my amazing and wonderful friends are going to the European Championship in jiu-jitsu in the end of May. I'm so proud of her, even though we don't talk anymore. She doesn't know how happy and excited I am for her, but she's an amazing person and I'm so proud to know her. 

If you, my friend, ever read this I'm sorry for pushing you out of my life. I do that often. I'm sorry. I just had to deal with personal things on my own. I hope you'll forgive me one day. I'm so proud of you. I know you can beat all of them with your eyes closed. I'll cheer for you all the way. Everyone should be able to know such an amazing person like you. Thank you for everything. 

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Love you all! xx

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