What's going on: Prague, new design & California!

Fetus me two years ago being such a rebel (lol, no.) writing on the John Lennon wall.

I've been working on a new blog design, exchange student preparation, thai new year, exams are coming up and I'm going to Prague next week! [...]

Helloooooo! I have so many small updates I want to share - Here you go! I know I'm waaaaay past the day I usually post - Sorry!

I'm going to Prague next week! Say what? Well, I thought I was going to school this Easter, but my parents had planned this surprise vacation, and I'm going to Prague! Again! I literally just heard about the trip this morning!
Last and first time I was in Prague was two years ago, where my family and I traveled around some countries in Europe - Bratislava (Slovakia), Vienna (Austria), Prague (The Czech Republic) and ended in London + Hastings (England). This time it's not going to be a big vacation. I'm going to be there for 4 nights.

I really want to see the John Lennon wall and the love/padlock bridge again while I' there. I don't know why, but it just left a big impression on me. I'm probably go shopping too - Don't judge me.

I'm going to relax, read some books, take some pictures, eat good food, explore the city, go to museums, spend time with my parents and take a deep breath and don't think about school, exams, graduation, the future and so on. Just have a good time.

So I'm not going to be that active on all of my social media, because I wont have internet access, but when I come home I'll of course post a lot of pictures and write about my trip. They say the weather is better in Prague than in Copenhagen, so well... everything's going to be alright.

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Can we just talk about that photo. I was 13 years old at that time. Hahah! I guess that's the first whole picture of me on my blog... Well, there you have it!

It's so weird looking back pictures. That was long time before I began using make up and going through ED. So young and innocent... It feels like it was more than two years ago, but why do I almost look like the same? I haven't change since I was 13... I've grown taller, though - Not like 6 feet or anything (I'm asian, I don't get that tall).

The subject just changed completly....

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California - Exchange Student
I was at the meeting last Thursday where I met the principal of the school in California, where he talked about how it was in California, host families and the school. So at the moment I'm filling out papers about visa, insurances, flights and so on and I'm excited!

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New Design
As you can see the blog went through a small makeover. I've been learning myself HTML codes, made sharing buttons, new header and so om. I'm not as good as a professional webdesigner, but I'm actually proud of all the new things I've learned. Don't laugh at me.......

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I'm going to celebrate Songklarn tomorrow. Songklarn is Thai New Year, which is usually a really fun day where you eat thai food, pray, have fun with your friends and family, dance and then end it with a big water fight.

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Love you all and God bless you! xx

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