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A collection of many Pretty Little Liar theories with promos, sneak peaks and scripts from season 5! I've been wanting to do this post for so long time now and it's finally happening! Enjoy reading!

Haaai, waffle-heads!

So season 5 of Pretty Little Liars is airing June 10 - which is in 5 days! 5 DAYS GUISEEEE! Who's excited? I can defiantly say I am. We all have different ideas of who A is and about all the secrets. I gathered most of the theories I could find into this post, so remember to check the links in the posts! They have a lot of information and theories that inspired me to do this post. I have probably overanalyzed a lot of things, but I'm getting crazy with all of these theories! - but I'll probably end up making a part 2 sooner or later. So I'll just get into it!

But first...
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Promo of Season 5 Episode 1

Sneak Peaks

What to expect in season 5

"Well, they’re going to have to get serious about going to college. In season five, which is our summer season, it’s really all about Alison coming back, and then it’s about [the girls] saying, ‘We’re graduating soon, what are we going to do with our life?’ So they’ll have to start applying to colleges fast. And we’re going to find out something about Mona in the summer finale that is really fun and has to do with college, and it shows you that in the midst of all her A-ness and shenanigans, as we like to say, she’s really on the ball. This girl is going to college. [...] A very big clue will be revealed. At the end of season five, there will be a really big nugget that will get fans very excited." "  - I. Marlene King (Executive Producer)

"Their friendships will be challenged and [there will be] a tectonic shift in their relationship because Alison wants to assume that [leadership] position. And they’re saying, ‘We don’t really need that anymore. We’re a democracy.’ Their government has changed in her absence. We are inspired by that when we tell stories through that lens." - Oliver Goldstick (Executive Producer) 

"We’ve added new elements by bringing Alison home. That alone is explosive. It’s a new approach to the show. We’ve all felt it when we we’ve written episodes with Ali that aren’t flashbacks." - Joseph Dougherty (Executive producer)

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Aria & Ezra
I'm not really sure, what I believe in, but I have this idea, that Aria and Ezra are both on the A-Team. Judge me all your want, but I don't trust them - Even though Ezra saved all the liars it the season 4 finale. I believe he has been part of the A-Team and maybe he still is. He's been acting really sketchy in the latest episodes - even though I can't imagine Ezra being evil and cruel I still believe he has something weird going on. Oh and the whole timeline thing he had going on in Ravenswood - "It was for a book" - Like why did you not tell that before? What's wrong with you! Also all the chalkboard messages, though... 

Also the thing about A first begins texting the liars, when Aria got home from Iceland. She dressed up as the Black Swan too at the masquerade. If you have seen/heard about the Black Swan it's about this ballerina with split personality. Why would she be A, you might ask? I think the theory about Aria having some kind of mental illness - also that her uncle have has some issues, and Mike's (Aria's little brother) violent behavior. I think Aria could have split personality of some sort, and maybe not remember the things she have done.

Read more:
  • wetpaint.com/pretty-little-liars/articles/2013-11-15-crazy-fan-theory-aria-split
  • myprettylittleclues.tumblr.com/post/41607063768/does-aria-have-dissociative-identity-disorder
- I just don't believe in that Aria witnessed Alison's murder, because Alison didn't die. I think it's either in the DNA or something happened to her in the past that causes her to have split personalities.

It could be so sweet(-ish) if they were like partner in crime! I still ship Aria and Wesley (Fitz's little brother) though... But Ezra is still a very important character in the show, so I'll get really angry if they ever kill Ezra off the show.

I need very good arguments for changing my mind of Ezra and Aria being a part of the A-Team.

Theories supporting Aria being a part of the A-Team: 
  • idontneednoroad.tumblr.com/ariaisa
  • aprettyrosewoodliar.tumblr.com/post/61480548256/xxbansheexx-aria-is-a-she-suffers-from-a
  • killerariaisa.tumblr.com/post/86948089299/aria-and-her-pretty-little-necklace-im-sure
  • killerariaisa.tumblr.com/post/86848572024/in-season-4-episode-1-a-is-for-a-l-i-v-e-the
  • aprettyrosewoodliar.tumblr.com/post/55156387255/mesreglesmavie
Theories supporting Ezra being a part of the A-Team:
  • analyzinga.tumblr.com/post/54758710148/random-theory-1-ezra-a-former-student-of-mr
  • aprettyrosewoodliar.tumblr.com/post/78283958886/itshannihoneycupcake-what-a-coincidence-there
  • aprettyrosewoodliar.tumblr.com/post/46744169385/prettylittleliartheorie-s-dont-judge-me-i

Post about the A-team
Read more: analyzinga.tumblr.com/ateam

People who I think are on the A-Team/people acting sketchy:
  • Mona
  • Ezra
  • Aria
  • Paige
  • Wren
And Jessica (Alison's mother) defiantly knows something!

I. Marlene King's Twitter clues
I love how she always kind of gives us a clue, and then kind of doesn't and you just sit there like 'wait what just happened?'. You can follow I. Marlene King on Twitter HERE

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Theories about Toby

Read more:
  • rosewood-clues.tumblr.com/post/85530655653/what-clues-do-you-think-were-in-the-black-white
I also found this article, which pretty much sums up why and why not I think Toby could be involved.

[Why he might be “A”: Might Toby be back to being an “A” candidate? After all, his current whereabouts are iffy. And why the heck would he fly all the way to London just to chat with Melissa? Has he never heard of Skype? Plus, we’re wondering if the end of “Shadow Play” — where Toby punches Ezra — might have foreshadowed this week’s finale, meaning Toby might be the one who shot Ez. Either way, Ezra’s really getting roughed up lately.

Why he might not be: Would the show actually make him “A,” after misleading us about him being “A” earlier in the series? That would be an awful lot of misdirection, even for this show. And we still love Spoby, so it would be tough to see Toby betraying her.]

Source: wetpaint.com/pretty-little-liars/articles/2014-03-20-who-is-a-top-5-suspects-finale

Theory about Mona
I don't like Mona. I have never liked Mona, and I probably never will like Mona.

Read more:
  • aprettyrosewoodliar.tumblr.com/post/54890145552/rosewood-clues-analyzinga-is-it-just-us-or

Theories about Paige

From the same article as the Toby theory:
[Why she might be “A”: Paige has always had a dark side, and now that she and Emily appear to be dunzo, we could definitely see that side coming out again. Plus, Paige has always hated Ali — not to mention that Paige is probably athletic enough to jump from one rooftop to another.

Why she might not be “A”: We’re not sure, but we sorta get the sense that the rooftop assailant is a guy. And even though Paige can be moody, would she really be capable of becoming “A”?]

Theories about Wren
Even tough I ship Wren with probably everyone on the show I still believe he isn't all that innocent and friendly.

This is from the same article as the Toby theory:
 [Why he might be “A”: Welcome back to the top of the list, buddy! We haven’t seen him lately, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Wren left London with Melissa, following Toby’s visit. And we’re still wondering why his prescription pad showed up recently. Plus, the gun that “A” uses at the end of the finale appears to be Mr. Hastings’s gun, which Wren would have access to. And the club where Ali takes the Liars has a painting autographed by “A.” We all know Wren has an affinity for art — so maybe that’s his club?

Why he might not be: Well, if he’s indeed still in London, then he wasn’t the one who shot Ezra on the roof. And he’s been gone for so long that it’s hard to know if he still has a major role on the show at this point.]

Theories about the DiLaurentis Family
Can I just say that Jessica (Alison's mother) is so freaking creepy. Just the way she talks and her killing eyes are just staring into my soul and... I'm probably overreacting a tiny bit, but I can't be the only one who thinks she knows something we don't. There has also been theories about Mrs. DiLaurentis having a twin sister. That could somehow make sense, but I still find it difficult to believe. I have no good arguments to why not, but it just doesn't seems like it. It could be Mrs. DiLaurentis was replaced with her twin. It could've been Mrs. DiLaurentis twinsister who hit Alison with the rock, but I don't quite believe it yet.

Read more:
  • aprettyrosewoodliar.tumblr.com/post/55156163393/alisons-grandmother-carla-grunwald
I think it was Jason who hit Alison with a stone that night, because that's one of the only theory that makes sense. Why would a mother bury her own child? Maybe to protect one of her other children? We all know that Mrs. DiLaurentis and Alison didn't have the best mother-daughter relationship - That's also one of the reason I believe that Alison won't tell her mother she's alive.

Theories about Jason DiLaurentis being A 

This is from the same article as the Toby theory:
[Why he might be “A”: This finale brings up a ton of questions about Jason. We’ve always wondered if he could be “A,” given that he’s the lone surviving member of the N.A.T. Club, not to mention that wicked scar he had after the Halloween train party. Now, we’re wondering if he might have been the one to attack Ali with the rock, given that Mrs. D was willing to protect that person. Maybe he’s been sending creepy messages to Ali since the beginning?

Why he might not be: There are times when he genuinely seems concerned about Ali, so it’s hard to imagine him going to such lengths to torment her. Then again, maybe Jason has a twin?]

~ · ~

Twin/sister theories
I don't believe in that Alison has a twin sister, because that would be too similar with the books and be too obvious. Even though there's a lot of clues, that Alison has a twin sister.

"Les Petites Filles Ont Tout Le Plaisir" and this is when all of my french classes will come in use. "The small/young girls are enjoying/having fun" (The reason why to choose French in school instead of German! Haha - Just kidding guys - Ich Liebe Dich xx). Now, this could be a coincidence.... It could also not be a coincidence...

A family picture with Jason and two Alisons? And also the sign beneath says: "C’est le double du rire et de doubler le sourire et double la peine si vous êtes bénis avec des jumeaux." I'll be honest I only understod 60% of that, so I decided to translated it to be sure.

"It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins"

Now, who has a sign with that written in their room? A person with a twin, probably... Otherwise would be weird.

I'm still not sure, what to believe about the whole twin theory. There's a lot of very good arguments that makes sense and all, but I don't know... Not buying it until I see both of the girls together.

I do believe, though, that the girl, Sara Harvey (The one who also disappeared, the same day as Alison), is one of the missing pieces in the puzzle. 

Read more:
  • myprettylittleclues.tumblr.com/post/37892986808/huge-twin-theory
  • aprettyrosewoodliar.tumblr.com/post/78283343882/spoilers
  • rosewood-clues.tumblr.com/post/80321924958/theory-41-wilden-had-a-daughter
Defiantly not A
Finally! Something I can understand. I made a list of people I don't think are A or a part of the A-Team. If they end up being a part of the A-Team I will probably just be in chock for hours.
  • Mrs. Montgomery
  • Emily's parents
  • Hannah's parents
  • Caleb
    • There were plans about Tyler Blackburn moving to the new TV-series, Ravenswood, but it got cancelled - so I don't think the producers would let him go if he was supposed to be A.
  • Hannah
  • Emily
    • I think it's her personality that makes me believe that. We all saw how scared she was when A was about to get to her in the school
  • Alison
    • That just wouldn't make sense

Theory of Mike Montgomery (Aria's littlebrother) being A:
I don't really believe in Mike being A, but I thought it's a good theory with good points.
  • myprettylittleclues.tumblr.com/post/35465682019/a-team-theory-mike-montgomery
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If you read the entire post or just most of it - Congratulation! You survived my longest post! xx

Behind the screen: While I was searching for theories the creepy theme song from Pretty Little Liars automatically came on. It was about 2am and the only light I had in my room was from a scented candle. I couldn't turn the music off, because I didn't know where it came from - I was still freaking out twenty minutes after! Tip: don't stay up all night reading creepy theories about creepy murders and being creeped out for the rest of the night.

I put a lot of effort into making this post, finding links, reading and researching, so I would be really happy if you would share it with your other Pretty Little Liar friends/family. Extremely happy like jumping up a down saying llama sounds and making weird Egyptian dances. Doesn't matter who you share it with - Share it with your cat or your grandmother! YES! SHARE. IT. WITH. YOUR. GRANDMOTHER. That would be so awesome! Go granny!

Comment down below your theories about who's A and how excited you're about season 5 on a scale from 0-10 - I would love to read all of your comments! 

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