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I got nominated for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, where I answer seven questions about myself about my relationship to alcohol, imaginary friends, my celebrity crush and more! [...]


I got nominated by Dali from DaliRae for the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award". Thank you so much Dali! I really like how it says: "Keeping the blogisphere a beautiful place," sounds like the end of a fairytale haha xx

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The Rules
- Link the person who nominated you
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- Share seven facts about yourself
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Seven Facts About Moi 

1) I love writing stories
- My brain is pretty weird, and I think about stories and scenarios all the time. When I went to 2. grade I began writing some of my stories down. I have a lot of notebooks with small stories and drawings about "Cindy and her friends in Thailand" and stuff... It's a bit embarrassing. When I got older I began writing real stories on the computer with characters I made up myself. I've always been a person who enjoyed telling and hearing stories.

2) I don't drink alcohol
- In Denmark you're allowed to buy alcohol at the age of 16 - Even though people start drink when they're about 13-14 (7-8 graders usually). Call me old fashion, but I find that very disturbing. It's not that I'm not allowed to drink alcohol, but I just don't find it very amusing.  

My mother is a Thai Buddhist and she has never really been the big fan of alcoholic drinks. She always says no when we're at family dinners with my Danish family. It's not because she is a Buddhist, because most of the Buddhists - I know - drinks. I just admire my mother's strength I guess. My mother is one of the Asian stereotypes who drinks green tea and meditate, but I'm really proud of that.

It's not like I don't like alcohol. I've tried alcohol before, but I don't specifically need alcohol to dance and have a good time. 99% of my friends drinks, but alcohol is also a part of the Danish culture, so it's kind of normal for young teenagers to get really drunk every weekend. It has gotten acceptable in the society, which in my opinion is a bit sad.

When I'm at parties with my friends, they pressure me of course to drink, because they know I don't drink. I refuse anyway - I'm not really into being pressured, so I just smile and shake my head saying: "Don't worry about me". Call me boring or what ever, but alcohol is not my style.

Please don't misunderstand. I will not try to teach you what's right and what's wrong - I'm not your mother, I'm a friend. I'm not judging anyone who drinks alcohol or get drunk and what not. I also believe most of my readers who're allowed to drink knows the consequences of drinking and are smart enough to make right choices. Just stay safe, okay?

3) I tend to push people away 
- I sound like such a drama queen, but it is really a problem I'm struggling with and I'm working on changing. Don't worry.

4) My celebrity crush is Dylan O'Brien
- Oh well.... You're all allowed to judge me

5) I had imaginary friends until fifth grade
- I just found all of friends annoying at that time, and I was like: "Fine! Then I'l just create my own friends, but I told my friends they were real. I remember two of my imaginary friends were called Alison and Angelina. So I pretended to call them on the phone and talked to them while walking home and stuff. That's also a bit embarrassing.

6) I want to move out of Denmark
- It's not like a hate Denmark or anything. I love it here. Not the weather. Defiantly not the weather or the extremely high prices on freaking everything - oh and the Danish politicians also drives me crazy - but that's not why I want to move out of Denmark!

I actually think it's a nice place to live and grow up. Nothing really bad happens compared to other countries. Denmark is a pretty safe, environmentally friendly, happy country and all that stuff, but I've never dreamed of living in the same country where I grew up.

I'm born and raised in Denmark and Denmark is officially my "home", but it's not the place where I would want to be for the rest of my life. Home is where the heart is. My feet are in Denmark, but my heart is traveling the world and exploring every aspect of life. So poetic, but I'm really just way to wanderlusten to stay. I've already spent 15 years of my life in Denmark, but I've seriously wanted to move since third grade.

7) I still bite my nails
- I know it's disgusting. I've tried all of those weird things you can put on your nails, but it doesn't really help. It's only when I'm in Thailand I don't bite my nails - I have no idea why - so every time I'm in Thailand I always get a manicure, because I can't do it when I'm in Denmark. It's really weird, I know.

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I nominate...
I actually want to nominate all of my readers to do this! You all inspire me to do my best every day! So if you decide to do this just say I nominated you and leave a link in the comment section below to your post - I would love to read it! xx

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

Oh and by the way - My first exam in chemistry is starting today at 10:15am CEST. There's less than 3,25 hours to go - Wish me luck! x

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