The Beginning Of My Adventure // Traveling

As you may or may not know I applied for this foreign exchange student program at my school, so I'm going to live in California for the next 4 months. I'm going to live with a host familiy and go to American high-school. This is the beginning of my adventure in California.


I've finally gotten WiFi and I'm home alone, so I thought it was a great time to blog. I'm really tried, so I'm sorry if some of the things I write doesn't make sense... Jetlaaaag. 

And sorry for all the really really bad iPhone pictures. I didn't want to carry around on my camera in the airport or act like a tourist. I hope you understand. 

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We had to be in Copenhagen Airport at 4:30am, and because I live far away from the airport I had to wake up at 2am. We flew from Copenhagen to London Heathrow in a very small airplane, and then continued from London Heathrow to Los Angeles International Airport. Heathrow is a really big airport and we almost didn't make it, because of all the security checks and long lines. So we had to run, but because we were such a big group the staff escorted us to the gate. So if you were flying from London Heathrow to LAX yesterday and your plane was delayed about 1 hour. We're sorry...

I've literally never eaten so much candy in less than 24 hours. It's disgusting thinking about it, but I enjoyed eating it!

When we arrived to LAX we had to go through even more security checks... yay! I was so lucky that my luggage had arrived, because the 3 bags were still in London. 3 people had lost their luggage. It's probably the worst thing possible, when you're stressed and nervous and in another part of the world. They'll get their luggage today, but I don't know how they've handled not changing in 24 hours.

You might be thinking: 'Cindy, did you forget or loose anything?' and yes I did. I had a small bag with toothpaste, lip balm, eyeliner, lotion and it know stands stupidly on my desk. Applause.....

When we finally got out of the airport we had to wait for the bus. We waited for the bus in an hour because of the traffic. The traffic in LA was terrible, so it took 2 hours more than estimated + we delayed the plane for 1 hour and so on. It was a really long day......¨

Our host families would pick us up at the school and I was really excited to see, who I was going to live with for the next 4 months.

My host family is really sweet to me. They live in a small house less that 5 km away from the school. They have a daughter (my host sister), who's a senior, so it's nice to know someone in the school already. They have 4 dogs and a cat. The dogs are so adorable! I love them. My host sister had a friend who were sleeping over, so I already know 2 people at my school! They are really sweet and we talked a lot, but it was getting kind of late and I just wanted to unpack and sleep. 

On the pictures above you can see my room. I like it a lot. I have a desk, drawer, walk-in closet (not shown in the picture), book shelf, night stand and a bed. It doesn't look old, it looks vintage. It's bigger than my own room and the rug is so nice. I just want to go to bed right now actually... You can also see one of the dogs in the picture. That's T. C. It's the biggest one. 

It was really cloudy this morning and a bit cold, when I woke up, but later it got really hot and blue sky. First I woke up at 2am and later at 6am. I decided to just get up at 6am, but now I'm really tired. The first thing I did this morning was clogging the toilet. Now that was extremely embarrassing. Another round of applause please....... 

For breakfast I got these chocolate cheerios, and it was just waaaay too sweet for me - Especially in the morning. I really need to get used to American food and the water tastes so weird! If you've been traveling to another country you know, that water just tastes differently in every country. Need to learn how to be American.

I've been hanging out with my host sister and her friend all day. We've been eating lunch at the river, walking around in the city and watched Star Wars in the School's theater - where I met more people! 

~ · ~

I'm slowly falling in love with California. The nature is really beautiful! It's really unbelievable. I think it's even more amazing than in the movies. I can't wait to start school on Monday. I'll get more pictures up soon! I'm still settling in and taking things slow. I think this is going to be an amazing adventure!

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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