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A girl from Tumblr wanted me to do like a "Summer Morning Routine"-thing, and it sounded fun, so why not? Even though it's not summer anymore and I don't actually do anything in the morning besides eating.


SO I decided to make it a bit different. This is more what I'm doing those weekend days/holidays where I'm really not supposed to do anything. Enjoyyyy!

1) Waking Up

I wake up probably around 10am and most of the time I lay an hour more in bed, listening to music, going through my entire Instagram feed, stalk people on Snapchat, playing Blockheads on my phone (It's like Minecraft but in 2D - I don't know why I'm so addicted) and scroll through Tumblr.

2) Getting Clean
I usually shower in the night time, but on days off I like to do it in the morning. If I know I'm going to stay at home all day I usually just jump into some sweatpants and a T-shirt (I do that on everyday basis too, but...)

3) The Kitchen
When I finally pull myself together and get up, I go to the kitchen (of course) to boil some water. I'm one of those people who drink hot beverages when it's really hot outside. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate. It's like getting a big hug from the inside - That sounded really creepy, but it was supposed to sound good...

In the meantime I make my bed, turn on my computer and put some music on. I love listening to music in the morning. Music make days better.

4) Back To The Kitchen

The water has stopped boiling by then. I'm trying to cut down on caffeine, but I usually start my day with a cup of coffee with milk and stevia and then tea for the rest of the day.

Yesterday I realized my stevia dispenser was broken. It can't close probably, so when you turn it around they just fall out.... I didn't realize that yesterday, and you can kind of predict what happened next. 

5) Blogging, Homework, Etc.


Then I usually just take my tea/coffee and my computer and get some stuff done. If I'm really motivated I sit down and start making my homework right away, buuuuut that doesn't occur very often - so I usually start off blogging, replying your comments, checking up on e-mails, etc. Sometimes in blogging for 30 minutes, sometimes 4 hours. It really depends on what I've been up to lately and which kind of mood I'm in - because trust me, if I have a crappy day my posts are going to be crappy.

6) Back To The Kitchen Again 

Breakfast time! I love breakfast - it's the best motivation to get out of bed. I love eating yogurt and berries with my coffee for breakfast. It's so yummy! But some weekends I just go out, grab a piece of toast, some Nutella and we're good to go! I'm not a saint and I'm defiantly not the best "eat clean, train hard" role model - I kind of just open the fridge to see what we have and then eat everything.

7) Doing Something Different

I don't sit by the computer doing homework all day long. I like to do something different. Go for a walk, read a book, go biking, cooking, grocery shopping, clean my room, go to the library, play badminton - Just anything away from screens (phones, computers, etc.) I've been loving baking these healthy banana-oat cookies. I've been making them all summer! They are really simple, easy to make and so delicious!

~ · ~

That's actually everything I do on those lazy days, where I have nothing planned. Probably not a very excitin post, but lazy days aren't really supposed to be exciting. I'm going to California next week - So I'll have a lot to write about then! Stay tuned! Thank you for reading 'My Lazy Days'!

Update on what's going on:
School just started again and we already got assignments for this week and next week. I want to get good grades in my new school + trying to be social and communicate with living people. I also have all these new subjects, new teachers, new city and everything is just so different from last year. I just need to get my 'head in the game'. If you know what I mean? Oh God... I'm using High School Musical references. BUT there were High School Musical marathon recently! Don't judge me! I need to stop. Now. 

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Love you all and have a great super amazing day! xx

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