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Well, so... You know... The house I live in – with my host family in Canada – is haunted. Most defiantly haunted. I am not joking this time. The house is seriously haunted by a ghost/spirit and you can just fire with your 'ghosts doesn't exist' arguments, but I tell you – There is something really creepy about this house...

I find the title quite self-explanatory, but in case you are a bit sensitive to ghost stories or get easily scare and still want to sleep, be careful of reading this. My stories are not that scary in my opinion, I just don't want to be accused of not warning you. So this is my warning, thank you.

Don't complain about the photo – It was the most creepy one I had from back in Denmark.

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I am just going to go right to it – First of all, I am not the first in my host family to have noticed the ghost and his/hers (I think it's a 'him', if the ghost wants to be gender fixed or not – I don't judge) activities around the house.

Besides the frequent banging noises on the walls and the doors, which closes when I am home alone –  I am going to try to start with the mild stuff, which can easily be explained and then... continue on, I guess...

~ · ~

One of my host sisters, who sleeps in the basement, have seen shadows when walking to the bathroom – at 3AM in the morning. Everyone was asleep that night/morning and I was the first one up at around 6AM, whereas the rest of the family usually wakes up at 7 – 8AM. This happened within the last 4 weeks I have been here.

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The dog also sometimes walk around panicky and barks in the air and a few metres from the door, but there are no one outside – not even to be seen around the neighbourhood.

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We also have bird, a parolette named Mio, he sleeps in the living room and at night there is this big blanket over his cage, so he believes it is night – One night my host sister wakes up in the middle of the night and can hear Mio singing/screaming like crazy as someone walked into the cage and he never does that – not in the middle of the night.

~ · ~

I have always told myself and others that I don't believe in ghosts, but deep down I know that there must be something about it. Last week – I can't remember which day, but let's say it was Tuesday. Tuesday I sat by my desk to do some homework, and I tried to get the light at my desk on, as it started to get dark outside. The light didn't work. I tried to switch in on and off, but it still didn't work, so I left it. 

The following day, where I had been procrastinating all afternoon and evening, I stood by the mirror and removed my make-up, when the light behind me at the desk turned up. I HAD NOT TOUCHED ANYTHING and I was home alone and I can assure that no one in the house had access to any light switches.

That event could easily be explained by a very delayed reaction from the lamp and electricity blah blah blah, but in the context of me procrastinating and not having done any of my homework, it was seriously creepy. 

~ · ~

My other host sister have experience the light starting to flicker (the beginning of every Supernatural episode, literally) when she had been up most of the night and early morning. She contacted the ghost using a spirit board with a couple of close friends, where she asked the ghost questions. The ghost answered that the reason he/she flickered the light, was because he/she wanted my host sister to go to bed earlier... A responsible ghost, but still...

~ · ~

This story I find the most freaky and I have not stopped thinking about it since I heard it. My host sister, who sleeps in the basement, also sleeps in the same room as the big family desktop computer. At night the computer is locked with a password (you might know where this is going...) She wakes up in the middle of the night, as the computer have unlocked, gone to YouTube and watched a Martha Stewart cooking video. She stays up most of the night, freaked out about the fact that the computer started playing videos by itself without anyone else in the room.

When she finally goes back to sleep and wakes up the following morning. She – as any other normal person – and swipes her phone open, and the first thing shown on her phone is thE SAME MARTHA STEWART COOKING VIDEO from the exact same spot where it left the night before. When asking the rest of the family about the video, no one have ever googled nor watched any Martha Stewart video about that dish...

~ · ~ 

I know how this sound. A ghost wanting us to go to bed early, do our homework, closes the cupboard when I forget to, and learn try to learn us how to cook new dishes... – It is not necessarily creepy,  No, you know what, it still sounds extremely creepy, but I am reassured it is a friendly ghost not out to do any harm.

I don't know why I am so excited about this ghost, when I should be completely terrified. I watch too much TV to be honest, but I really want to try a spirit board or something – even though my instincts and every bone in my body tells me not to (I have, too, watched too many horror movies with stupid teens being idiots in a haunted house). 

~ · ~ 

I seriously got chills from just writing this, so I hope you enjoyed it!

Do you believe in ghosts or have you ever experienced anything unexplainable? Then share it in the comments below – I would LOVE to hear about your ghost stories, as if I am not freaked out already...

Have a nice day! Or afterlife :))))

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Love you all! xx

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