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Because I was so excited about my weekend in Toronto and the haunted house I currently live in, I completely skipped the story about my third week in Canada. So this is what you get now!

I am just going to jump straight into it – the best thing about this weekend was that I was able to try to sit in an outside jacuzzi. Yes, you read correct. Jacuzzi. Outside. In Canada. Well, you can't actually call it swimming, but close enough, I would say.

Danish Film Festival – The Shooter
My host mom and I went to the Danish Film Festival and saw the Canadian debut of the Danish film, The Shooter. It was weird watching the English subtitles and it was very poorly translated, but it was nice to see Copenhagen on a big screen like that.

Valentine's Day & Peterborough
I woke up on Valentine's Day ready to go to Peterborough, since it was Family Day weekend and we had plans to visit some family. We were visiting my host mom's sister, her husband and son – I know you don't call them host aunt, host uncle or host cousin, but it is just much easier to explain, so excuse me.

I went downstairs and my host mom had prepared this Valentine's brunch table with heart-shaped biscuits, fresh fruit, yogurt, juice, cold chai latte, small cakes, etc. The table and walls were decorated with small glitter hearts and banners. As we were all at the table there was Valentine's presents for all of us, which was really unexpected. They had bought me a big jar of 1kg Nutella, a colouring book, a sweet card and some pencils. We sat, ate, talked and it was seriously such a lovely morning. 

After brunch we all got ready to go to Peterborough. I sat in the back with the host sister, who's the same age as me. The oldest sister had to go to work that weekend, which was a shame. It took us about two to three hours to drive, so we had a lot of time to spend. My host sister and I watched "The Neighbors" on her laptop, listened to music, coloured in both of our colouring books. We went to Tim Horton's to get coffee and soup – I tried their broccoli cream such, which was so good! 

We arrived in Peterborough at around 3pm, where the first thing we did was eat. I got to meet their family and they even gave me a Valentine's present – Fake metallic tattoos, which was so nice of them. After the food and saying hello to everyone, my host sister, her cousin and I went downstairs to play table tennis and Skip-Bo. The others joined us to play Apples to Apples, which is like 'Cards Against Humanity', but I seriously had the words cards ever, but it was really fun to play. 

For dinner we got fondue – not the chocolate one – where you have some raw meat (in this case: shrimp, chicken and beef) and put it in some pots of hot water. There were salads on the side and some dipping sauce for the meet. It took a bit of time, but it was really nice to make your own food and get to socialize – Even though it was a bit complicated to eat.

After dinner we went outside in the jacuzzi. I had my bikini, the towel and some slippers, so we had to "run" outside in the slippery ice covered in snow, throw off our slippers, hang the towel carefully so it would not fall into the snow, and then jump into the jacuzzi. That is not particularly easy in -21 degrees Celsius. It was SO cold in the beginning, but after 10 seconds you got used to it. I just covered most of my body with the water. The sky was so clear and you could see the moon and all the stairs. It was so silent, but then again, it was probably around 9pm. We sat there for about 2 hours in total, and the others came to join us later. Sometimes I had to put my head under water, as my hair started to freeze (Everyday life in Canada...), but it was seriously the best experience of the whole weekend.

After the jacuzzi my host sister and I went inside to change – Again we had to run in our bathing suits and try not to fall in our towels. Fortunately, it went well. We went upstairs to change and when the others got back inside we got cheesecake for dessert. It was so yummy! We then tried to watch Zoolander, but the computer went out of battery and we were starting to get tired ( + it was simply just too weird), so we went to bed. I got my own room with this huge bed, which was really nice and I slept so good.

Too Early?
So I woke up the following day (fortunately) and it was only 7:30am. I grew up with this unwritten rule that if you are a guest invited to sleep over, you can't get up too early or too late. 9am was what I was aiming at. Anyway, I went to the bathroom, got ready and then lied in my warm bed for an hour before I got up.

I get up, walk downstairs and my host aunt and host uncle were sitting in the couch watching TV and no one else was up. It was a bit awkward in the beginning, because it was like no one knew what to say to each other. I tried to say something, smalltalk and everything (I am not very good with small talking, but I tried), but instead decided to burn my tongue on the tea. They asked me questions about Denmark and I answered, but I found it difficult to ask any questions myself, because I think I was just born socially awkward, I don't even know. But it was really nice talking to them. The others first began to wake up 1 hour to 1,5 hour later, so we had a lot of time watching TV and talking.

For breakfast/brunch we got bacon, fruit,  pancakes with maple syrup, whipped creme and fruit compote. It was the best brunch ever – I ate so many pancakes and so much bacon you probably won't believe me.

After brunch we played another game, where I did a lot better than the night before. I am just waaay to competitive to be so bad at board games, but this was actually really fun. I laughed a lot this weekend and was probably my favourite weekend.

We ate some spring rolls, crackers, cheese and mini-sandwiches before we packed our bags and headed back to Ottawa. It was so weird saying goodbye knowing I won't ever see those people again, and it was even more weird sitting in the back of the car, the music banging loud in my head phones with sentimental tones, as the trees and large rocks passed by outside the frozen window glass in high speed, but I was only moving in time. 

~ · ~

I hope you enjoyed my small stories of the third weekend in Canada. Now, I am actually facing my sixth weekend in Canada meaning I don't have long in this amazing country. Today I had the best day so far, but it was so simple and so ordinary that I most likely will forget it in just a couple of weeks. So – note to myself – not all days have to be filled with adventures and drama and doing these inexplicable things. Sometimes it only takes a laugh or a smile from the right people.

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day? 

I hope you all have an amazing day and enjoy life and everything. 

This post just got a lot more philosophical than I had imagined. I'm emotional today, bear with me :)))

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Love you all! xx

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