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The Parliament Building in Ottawa

So you might have noticed from my Instagram that I have been abroad for awhile now. Almost 4 weeks, to be precise. This means that half of my exchange program is almost over and I haven't even made one post about it yet. Actually, I haven't made a post in 2016 yet, so while I sit here being utterly embarrassed of myself I decided to actually do something about it. I just noticed how many times I have used the word 'actually' and now that is driving me insane as well.

I arrived in Canada by the end of January and will return to Denmark by mid-March. The purpose of the program was to learn about the Canadian culture and get some experience abroad. On the weekdays I study international economy on a Canadian college, but in the weekends my program is usually packed. Today I had to meet at 1:15pm, so I thought it was the perfect time to actually do some writing – Even though I have a pile of homework staring intensely at me from across my desk...

The first week went by with orientation at the school, where we met our teachers, etc. It only took about 2 hours and I went back home (when I say 'home' I mean my host family's house, which has now become a home for me as well). I was so tired the entire of my first week here and I have had some crazy dream – I still have, to be honest. They are really crazy, but interesting – I might tell you about some of them in another post.

The Rideau Canal
The first weekend I went on a walking tour in Ottawa, where I saw the Parliament Building, the statues of the Suffragettes, the Rideau canal and the Rideau centre. It was really cold, so most of our time was spend in the Rideau Shopping Centre.

One of the ice sculptures
The next day, Sunday, my host mom took me to Winterlude, which is a Winter Festival in down town Ottawa. I got to try Canadian 'taffy', which is maple syrup frozen on the ice and 'Beavertails', which is like bread with cinnamon on.... I really don't know how to explain it any more than that. We saw the ice sculptures and participated in an Aboriginal friendship dance, which was – well – interesting. I walked on the Rideau canal and we went around the City Hall. It was such a nice day and it was not even that cold.   

Canadian 'Taffy'
My host family is just amazing. The best host family I have ever stayed with. They are so nice and take me out on so many trips to see Canada. My host family consists of my two host parents, two host sisters, 17 and 20 years old, and the dog, Jasper, and their bird, Mio. I help them with preparing dinner and setting the table, but I sometimes I wish I could do more.

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So that was what happened my first week in Canada! I thought it would be the easiest for both of us, if I only posted short, but frequent posts instead of long, TL;DR posts once a month. I hope you liked the post and please leave a comment if you did or if you have any questions! 

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Love you all! xx

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