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I hope you all enjoyed Christmas, spend some nice time with the people you love and ate loads of food. I slept for almost 12 hours and am currently eating leftovers from Christmas and binging tv-series on Netflix, so I thought why not talk about the presents I got for Christmas!

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Disclaimer: The reason of this post is not because I have the need to brag about what I got – I just thought it would be nice and somewhat entertaining. There are so many other things in the world we can complain about, so I hope you will read along anyway :)

Most of the presents are either combined birthday and Christmas presents and some are solely birthday present, but we decided just to put all of them under the tree. Just want you to keep that in mind, if you are surprised by the amount of gifts.

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Well, let's go on then! 

I got two books. "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee and Lonely Planet's travel book about Japan, which I can't wait to read. Both books are 2015 editions. You might think 'Cindy, are you going to Japan??'. Well, not right now, but hopefully some day in the near future, so at least I can prepare myself now.

I got two cans of tea from a good Danish tea shop. The one in the pink can is white temple tea and the one in the yellow can is white mulberry tea – And can I just say they smell so good! Especially the white temple tea. I can't wait to try them later today. The tea cans come with a small paper of a manual where it says which tea it is and how long the tea has to be in the water. Both of these teas has to be in for about 7 - 8 minutes.

Then I got four gift cards – Two of them are to a book store, the third is to the tea shop and the fourth is to Torvehallerne, which is like a big fancy food market in Copenhagen, where I love to go eat – Especially porridge.

I actually did a post a long time ago (or what feels like a long time ago) about the fancy food market in Copenhagen and you can read it right HERE.

Then I got two Pandora charms – One of an Angel and the other one has like these beautiful patterns in it.

I also got a – what do you call them... – a silver strainer, which I seriously have needed since I moved out almost a year ago. I just couldn't fit it in, in the main picture without it reflecting the sunlight right into my camera lens.

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I am really grateful for all of the presents I got and I hope you had an amazing evening/morning/week/month.

What did you get for Christmas and which one is your favorite (if you're able to choose). Leave a comment down below! 

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Love you all! xx

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