It's a new era

Changes have finally come and a new era has commenced! Today the blog begins its new era with the name 'Writing Sunflowers' and is an outlet for spectacular- and everyday adventures, but most of all a space for thoughts to wander and opinions to be expressed.

So for new readers: welcome to the blog where being socially awkward, spilling coffee at yourself and overall failing at life are accepted as real talents! 

From this time forth entries will be posted whenever they have something to say instead of being forced when they are not ready to be told or shared, as an overall personal wish of enhancing content quality. I spend hours changing the web design, updating links and editing pages, so bear with me if some changes are not completely optimized yet – I am working on it. 

With exams done in less than a month I am more than motivated to start writing again and I already have loads of awkward situations that I need to get out of my system. Look forward to it.

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