5 thing (Mostly food) I miss about Thailand

What I miss about Thailand

This a the few things I miss about Thailand (Beside from my family, who I miss so indescribable much)

1. The beautiful nature and the mountains.
- I think a lot of people go to southern or central Thailand to sit by the beach, visiting tempels, shopping and eating amazing food. That's a lot of great things too, but I love the mountains even more. Nothern and North-East Thailand are two even more beautiful (In my opinion) areas. I like exploring small villages and the air in northern thailand is fresher and lighter. It's beautiful, and I would recommend everyone who truly loves adventure and exploring new cultures to go there.

2. Fruit
- I can't say this enough, but the fruits in Thailand are SO much better than anywhere else I've eaten fruit. The pictures are showing my two favourite fruits. Mango and longan. So good! You can probably also buy those fruits in some grocery stores at your country, but I promise you, it tastes so much better in southeast Asian countries. You can also drink fresh coconutwater from real coconuts.

- Okay, I'm a bit food obsessed, I know. It's just the food is so different from what we have in Europe. Springrolls. I believe most people in the world have tried springrolls. I've eaten springrolls since I was a baby, and it's one of my favourite thai dishes along with tigershrimps stirfried in chili and other different spices.

My favourite thing to drink is "nombriuw"(Not pictured). I have no idea how to explain it, but it often gets translatet to sour milk, but it's not. Promise. Try look pictures of "นมเปรี้ยว" up on Google Pictures. It's like these small containers of... something... I don't know how to explain, but it's good.

4. Tapioca Pudding
- I don't think it's original thai food, but I only get it in Thailand, and it's amazing.

5. Caaandy
- A lot of candies in Thailand are extreamly sweet, and there's a lot I don't really like, but... How can you not like Pocky. I know Pocky is not thai, but it's from asia and it's amazing. You can also get Hello Pandas in some speciel stores in Europe, but it's difficult to find Meiji products in Europe, if you do not live close to an asian grocery store.

But even when I miss all those things (And a lot more), I'm still so thankful for everything I've got. I'm healthy, happy and alive. Material things are unnecessary.

Even though I could really eat some Pockys now... 

- C:ndy

FYI: Not my picture. This is made with Polyvore.

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