The Sad Pathetic Bucket Giving Us Insight of The World's Idea of 'Art'.

 As I went through The National Gallery I came across this bucket and wondered if it was some part of the exhibition. My first thought was 'no', but then another thought came to mind. What is art? Is everything art? And if everything is art, then nothing must be art too? This bucket could be art without knowing. Who decides what's art, and what's not. Now; I will keep believing this is a beautiful piece of art showing the human brain's weird messed up mind until someone with a really good argument changes my mind.
And as a third thought thought came to my mind. Is this a beautiful bucket or a sad bucket? You might think I'm crazy. "A bucket can't have feelings, your moron!" But look at it. The bucket looks pretty pathetic. Like... Look at it really close. It doesn't show us any warm or sad colours. It's neither full or empty. It's just standing there. Looking so damn pathetic. Maybe it's lonely? Maybe it's a lonely sad bucket?

I like that bucket. I like that sad pathetic lonely bucket.
This might be my favourite sculpture of all, and what does that say most about? Me or art? Me or the bucket? The bucket or art? I like that bucket. It makes you think more than school.
- C:ndy

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