At the moment!

Coffee break in London

'Ello guys!

Long time, no see/write/something!

I know what you're thinking (I'm a mind reader! Or... No.): "Cindy! Are you dead? What are you doing?!"
I'm not dead - Obviously - I'm pretty alive, I think...

So I know I've been offline a lot, because of school work, preparing for finals, my examination project is going to be presented in two weeks and prom/winter formal is coming up soon - It's a bad excuse, I know, but I just wanted you guys to know. I'm graduating ninth grade in five months and my last day of school is the 26. of may. I'm so freaked out! I've been going to school in the same town for ten years! And it's FINALLY OVER! GOD JESUS! HALLELUJAH! It was a nice time growing up in this small town, and of course I have a lot of amazing memories here, but I've waited for this time to come since I started school.

And my need to get out of this town made me work even harder in school!
And the prom made me exercise (Still can't spell "exercise" in one try) even more!

Sorry... It's still a bad excuse...

I'll try to work a lot harder on the blog now!

 What to look forward to...:
- What I'm wearing for prom 2014 (If people care lol.)
- Favorite songs
- My plans after graduation
- More London adventures
- Recipes
- Hauls
- Reviews
- Food
- My life
- And lots of more exciting stuff...

Thank you so much for the people, who are supporting, reading my blog and being so amazing!
It means the world to me!

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