What I Did: New Year's Eve

Hey, guys!

I knooooooooooow this is a bit late, BUT!

I made a quick picture-blog-post-thing of what I did New Year's Eve. I decided to stay home with my parents, because I didn't want to get all drunk with a lot of people I don't like, that's just a sad way of celebrating the last day of the year... Anyway! Hope you enjoy this post!

10:30am (I love sleeping... Don't judge me...)

I started my day out with a White Chocolate Mocha Starbucks (Not a bad way to start your day), and made some scrambled eggs with some fruits.


After breakfast I took a long bath with the Twilight from Lush, some fruit, salted peanuts, music and some homework (Why not?).

The rest of the day I helped my in the kitchen, cleaned my room, made some homework, watched some movies and just walked around and enjoyed the day.

5 - 7pm

I cooked and prepared dinner with my mother. Garlic barbecued ribs, with Thai Som Tam and Indian Naan Bread with garlic. This family just loves garlic! Who doesn't?

 9 pm

DESSERT! Yes, I did choose the desserts, and I chose strawberry cake from Lagkagehuset (A good bakery in Denmark). Strawberry cake was the first English word I learned, when I went to Italy at the age of 7? I guess?

And I've never forgotten that word since!

MIDNIGHT - 2014!

As I watched the clock struck 12 on television live from Copenhagen Town Hall, I toasted with coconut water (Because I'm still against alcohol) and jumped into the new year - 2014.
I then ran outside with eight blankets (Still wearing pj's - Because that's how I celebrate New Year's Eve) and watched how the dark sky turned into these beautiful colors looking like The Northern Lights. I stood outside the house for a long time and looked over the whole town spend thousand of dollars.

And let me just say... You wouldn't be able to see how the financial crisis has affected Denmark. Affected Denmark? As if... People in Denmark are talking financial crises? Bullshit. We don't have any form for crisis here in Denmark.... Settle for one car instead of two? That's not crisis.


After watching the fireworks  I went inside, where we had bought macarons from La Glace (One of the finest patisseries in Denmark). One for each of us. Mocha/coffee, raspberry and forrest fruit (Of course I had the coffee one!) They tasted amazing!


ZzzzzzZZZzzzzzzZZzzzZZzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz (I love sleeping).

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