Food Adventure (In London): THE BEST!

The best food I got, while I was in London, wasn't in Covent Garden, Oxford Street or any of the other fancy places in London. It was a street kitchen on Portobello Road (Portobello Road is also a fancy place in London, but with delicious food!)

The best food I got was defiantly this grilled chicken salad with onions. It tastes even more yummy, than it looks!

As I was walking down Portobello Road, enjoying the atmosphere and how the rain drops silently hit the pavement I got tempted by all this delicious food. Hot Dogs, ribs, falafels, crêpes, coffee shops, noodles. I wasn't hungry, so I kept walking, until I saw this nice lady grilling chicken and it smelled like a big barbecue party in the middle of july! I quickly became hungry! You could get it as a sandwich or as salad. You might know, I have this weird love for bread, but at that time I just wanted some real vegetables after eating so much fried food. I don't regret it!

I began raining a lot, just after I'd bought the salad, so I found shelter under a roof. While standing there eating my chicken salad and watching the rain falling in London, I felt really happy. Everything just seemed so right. H. C. Andersen was right. To travel is to live.

Later, when the rain got really bad and my jacket was soaked in water, I seeked shelter in a coffee shop, where I sat for an hour drinking coffee and reading (So hipster, I know... lol).

If you're ever going to London, drinking coffee and eating on Portobello Road is a MUST!

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