London - December 2013 (C) Mazedays

My life has been surprisingly hectic these couple of weeks. I just finished my projectweek about social heritage, feral children, twinstudies and adoptionstudies. I actually think it went quite nice. It's defiantly to an A with all of the hard work, my group and I put in it.

This Monday I visited the business school I'm attending after 9th grade and I can't wait! I met some nice people, learned that trigonometry isn't that bad (The worst thing I hate about math is trigonometry), met my future teachers and I attended math, international economics and a marketing class. It was great! Even though international economics was tough... I'm going to sound extremely arrogant, but school has never been that difficult for me, but international economics... I'm scared I'm not ready for it yet - But nevermind! I love a challenge!
My second choice is a school where english, social studies and film etc. is the field of study. The third choice is an art school. So it's very different choices I have, but that's because I have no idea, what I'm doing.

Anyway I just got my grades, which I'm going to send to my future school and my school counselor is going to send it to my schools next week! Everything just happens so fast now. My grades are pretty good, I'll admit. So I'm a very happy girl!

I'm soon finished with the school I've been attending for ten years. TEN YEARS! It's 66,6% of my life! That's a lot of years... Damn...

I'm going to be in the city everyday from august 2014 until june 2017, and then my life continues to new adventures. It's so crazy to think about...

I still remember when I learned to bike, and I was like the most happy girl in the entire world! I'm soon having a midlife crisis, and I'm 15. God...

I've also been sick whole last week. I got home from school at 11am, slept until 5pm, ate a hotdog, slept until the next day, but when you're sick it's okay to eat hotdogs and cake and feel a tiny bit bad for yourself. It's okay to sometimes feel bad for yourself, cry and be sad, if you just know, that you're to survive that and that you get over yourself.

My whole plan for posts on the blog has been delayed, and I'm so sorry for that - There's no excuse, that's good enough for you guys! I'm so sorry!

I'm going to have a week of vacation next week, where I'll have a lot of time to the blog and homework and stuff. 

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