London Adventures: TopShop - THEY HAVE A CUPCAKE STORE INSIDE!!!

Look at them.... They are beautiful!

Don't ask me why I haven't been in TopShop the other times I've been to London, but a lot of people told me, that I HAD to go to TopShop on Oxford Street (Or Regents Street - I can't remember), and first of all... IT'S GIGANTIC! It had like four/five floors, and they HAD A CUPECAKE STORE inside of TopShop. I was like freaking out! Then I saw, they also sold boba, and I was freaking out even more!  

The only store I've ever been freaking so much out was in the Disney Store in London. My heart is 40% Disney!

But the clothes was just so expensive compared to if I went to Sweden or Germany, where a lot of clothes is a bit cheaper. Denmark is also one of the most expensive countries in Europe, and that sucks... Food is also extremely expensive in Denmark. BE AWARE of that, if you're ever going to Denmark. I don't know anyone who voluntarily would, but we have Lego, bikes and H. C. Andersen, so come to Denmark!

Back to the subject: I've never ever in my life seen a cupcake store inside of a clothingstore, but it's genius! I didn't try any of the cupcakes, sadly (I was eating crêpes at the time.... The security guy looked weirdly at me, because I was almost juggling with the crêpes and my camera and my bag - I'm bad at doing many things at the same time.....), but next time... Wait for me, cupcakes! They were literally starring at me, while screaming my name!

Clothing stores should defiantly begin selling food too (Even though, there would probably be food everywhere in the store), because a lot of people would stay a little bit longer. Idk, but I would!

If you love TopShop, like me, and you're going to London, THIS IS A MUST!

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