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That's my car... Someday...

'Ello! So I was in the mood to publish another post, so this is a random post about what I've been doing this weekend + a lot of pictures, because pictures makes you happy... or something...

But LOOK AT THAT CAR - It was just casually being parked in the middle of the road - The owner probably didn't care, that it is illegal to park there! If I had money to buy a car like that, I wouldn't either. It belonged to D'Angleterre (Of course) - The fancy Y.N.T.B.R.R.R.T.E.S.Y.F.I* hotel in Denmark, where all the celebrities live, when they go to Denmark. I'm going to sleep there one day. Just one night and I would be like: "D'Angleterre? Oh yeah, I know that place - I sleep there often, when I don't want to drive 40 minutes home, because you know... I'm rich - and yes, that's my car."

*You Need To Be Really Really Rich To Even Step Your Foot Inside

Been watching people running half marathon, but I got a bit tired after watching the first 15.000 runners - I'm going to publish a post about the half marathon and some funny experiences on Thursday! People from all over the world were in Copenhagen this weekend because of the World Championship in half marathon. Look forward to it!

 It's so weird thinking that tomorrow it's April and I'm having my first exams next month. The winter passed so quickly and it didn't even snow. That's not fair. That's the whole idea living in cold Scandinavia - It gotta snow.

It looks evil, doesn't it? 

Dark whole wheat bread from "Lagkagehuset" - I love their bread and pastries (Amazing!), but Y U SO EXPENSIVE? TT TT

If you're following me on Instagram, I've been enjoying being all Asian outside, eating noodles and edamame - My favorite!

 And last I've been blogging a bit, relaxing, practiced some HTML-thing (I have no idea what I'm doing), been watching YouTube videos and freakING OUT ABOUT I REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS ON BLOGLOVIN! OMG GUYS! THIS IS AMAZING! I CAN' STOP CAPS-LOCKING - Some poeple may not think that 100 followers are much, but I doN'T EVEN CARE - BECAUSE THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING! AND I NEED TO STOP BEING SO EXCITED BUT I CAN'T! THANK YOU GUYS! ILYSM!

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Love you all! xx
Seriously, I really do!

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