Don't Touch Your Phone For 10 Minutes = Clean Water For Children In Need // UNICEF

Donate clean water to children in need. It won't cost you anything at all! All you have to do is not to do anything! 10 minutes ONLY! Are you up for challenge?

UNICEF and their sponsors will make a donation for every ten minutes, you haven't touch your phone! I haven't touch my phone for about an hour now, and I'm going to continue. Come on, guys! We need to show the world, that we're not going to be the generation who were addicted to technology.

Go outside, enjoy the weather - Depends on where you are in the world of course... Make some food, read a book, exercise, eat, watch a movie, bake cupcakes, talk to someone personally - Your mum, friend, pet or yourself if that's what's going to help. If you're scared, that someone will call you, while you're doing the project, just send a text before you start to your friends, that you might not be able to answer their texts or call. You can even make a competition with your friends, who can go for longest time without touching their phone?

Even better do it before you go to bed at night. I don't hope you're one of those person who sleeps with their phone in the room. I'm going to be all motherly now, but don't do that, it will ruin your sleep in your unconsciousness. Back to the subject....

Go to the link: www.UnicefTapProject.org on your phone, follow the instruction and begin! It's as easy as that. It doesn't matter if it's only 10 minutes, but it's important you at least try it out. All you have to do is not to do anything!

I've supported UNICEF for a long time now, and I think this project is amazing. A lot of us forgets to be thankful for everything we have. Denmark is one of the countries with the cleanest water, and it's only when I travel to Thailand to visit my family, that I really realize how big a problem it is without clean water. Everyone deserves clean water. It should be a human right.

If you don't do it, yes, I'm going to judge you.

Spread the word to everyone you know! We need to donate as much as possible. What are you waiting for?

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This is not a sponsored post, just felt it was my duty as a human-being to spread the word.

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Love you all! xx

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