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My old bad running shoes - They're too small for me, but I thought "that doesn't matter". Now I know, it does.

Hey Guys!

So I've been a bit obsessed with Blogilates lately. If you don't already now Blogilates, it's a YouTube channel by Cassey Ho. She makes workout videos, and you can even watch them for free! Not many things in this world is free, so I'm just happy.  When I first saw Cassey's videos I was a bit skeptical. "That's not going to help at all," but trust me, you'll feel so sore the day after. You don't have to pay money to an expensive fitness-center, when you can train in your living room.  [...]

I do recommend to do some kind of excising 7 days a week. I'm not saying, you should go extremely crazy every day, but take a short walk, do some sit-ups or dance around in the living room to your favorite song (I probably do this five days a week - You'll get in such a good mood afterward, I promise!) The best thing about dancing around in the living room is, that you can even do it in your pajamas! What's not to love about that? So put that evil and yummy chocolate cupcake down, and fight for a better lifestyle!


Or eat that evil yummy chocolate cupcake, but THEN go fight for a better lifestyle!

The Flat Belly Fat Burner: It's bikini-season soon, who wouldn't want a flat belly?

5 Minute Ab Express: This is great for you, who "don't have time for excising". No excuse! Get working! I like to this in the morning before I get to school or leave for work.

Cardio - Kickboxing: Okay, so this is not from Blogilates, but this is so good, if you want to burn some extra calories.

Muffin Top: We all want that muffin top gone, won't we?


Lower Abs: If you're not used to train your lower abs, this will be sooo good! I do this workout frequently, because I'm currently focusing mostly on my abs and arms. Also because my lower abs are so weak, that I need to do something about it.

Hope you found this helpful - Now go excersice!

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PS: The reason I've been busy is because I've just sent my application for studying abroad in California. I had to three days to write it, and I just finished it yesterday. I was really freaked out, when I saw I just got my first official letter from my future school. Their system knows me now! Now they got to let me in! Wish me luck!

Love you all! xx

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