The Sky is Not The Limit // Thoughts

Doing "the best as you can" is a weird kind of saying. Why are you only supposed to do the best as you can? Why not more?
We should all try to push our limits every day. Only doing the best as you can is a sad way to live life, because if getting an average of C in school, and not aiming for an A. Why even do it?

Sometimes I wonder, why the nurse didn't aim for becoming the best doctor in the entire world? Not in a mean kind of way, of course! She's a great nurse, and maybe she like her job like it is. Maybe she has a family and kids to come home to. Maybe she found more important things in life. Maybe she has had those dreams and goals, but have seen them crash? Sometimes I wonder, what if I'm going to be one of those people with so many dreams and aims for life, that they're all going to crash. What if my dreams are too big? But is that going to stop me from dreaming? Defiantly not.

Be ambitious in your life, do whatever makes you happy, but just "doing the best as you could" isn't good enough. It's a passive way to live life. It's an extremely bad and stupid excuse for not doing what you want to do in your life. I want everyone to be happy, or at least experience real happiness. Is that naive of me me to think that? No one told us, that life was going to happy or good, but that doesn't stop us, or does it?

I know this might be is a cliché, but don't let anyone stop you. Don't let anyone tell you to give up, because they don't know our limits. Let them know, they haven't seen the best you can do. No one can control our dreams, even though most people think they can. We're not puppets. Like Pinocchio sang: "I've got no strings." I just want everyone, not to do their best, but try to do even better! You deserve the best. The sky is not the limit, and we have the ability to show that to the whole world.

What I'm trying to say is, I hope you find yourself in ten years being happy, and if not, please do something about it. Life doesn't stop for anyone.

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Love you all! xx

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